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Antenatal classes are a concept devised by 1970s sitcom writers as a means of generating awkward social situations for material. The initial purpose has long been forgotten and these classes are now used by many as genuine way of learning about the birth.

Braxton Hicks are joke contractions that maybe give the womb useful practice ahead of the main event, or exist purely as one of Mother Nature's jolly japes.

Hormonal henchmen is the collective term for the chemical bandits who terrorise pregnant women, bringing on such delights as indigestion, constipation, haemorrhoids and morning sickness. Let-down is the release of milk in a breastfeeding mother as the baby starts to suckle. Can also be what you become in the early weeks of fatherhood, despite you doing your very best to be helpful and supportive.

Milia are tiny, harmless white spots on a newborn that usually disappear by themselves, after you've worried about them for 48 hours solid. This is a pretty fair reflection of how your life is going to be for at least the next year.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Article Type:Glossary
Date:Oct 30, 2010
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