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GLOBEtrotter Software FLEXlm for Java introduced for licensing and marketing Java applets & applications; FLEXlm for Java boosts 'electronic commerce for software'.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 1996-GLOBEtrotter Software Inc., of Campbell, Calif., Thursday expanded its presence in the electronic commerce market by making its FLEXlm license manager available for use with Java(tm), Sun Microsystems Inc.'s cross- platform programming language.

FLEXlm is the de facto standard license manager for open systems. The company is exhibiting in San Francisco at the JavaOne Conference.

In 1995, more than $3 billion in software licenses were distributed over the Internet using FLEXlm, and more than $15 billion in installed licenses were managed by FLEXlm.

FLEXlm controls or monitors a user's compliance with a software product's license terms. Software developers integrate FLEXlm into an application so it appropriately responds to a user's license rights described in an authenticate license file. If the user is licensed, the application responds by running normally.

If the user is not licensed to run the application, possible responses include: not permitting the application to run; warning the user that such use is unlicensed, but permit the user to run anyway; or record the usage for billing purposes.

As a result, software developers can readily distribute applications across the Internet, as well as track licenses so that they can limit use to only licensed customers, thereby getting fair compensation for their efforts.

FLEXlm for Java is part of the industry trend toward using electronic commerce technology for the distribution of software over the Internet and via CD-ROM. Software publishers can greatly lower their software distribution costs by placing an entire product line on a CD-ROM or by distributing their applications across the Internet while actual use of the software is controlled by FLEXlm.

Electronically distributed software gives users immediate access to many different applications, and makes it easier for them to evaluate, purchase and share software while automatically complying with license terms during product evaluations or after the purchase of licenses.

"Software is one of the most appropriate industries for electronic commerce on the Internet," said Richard Mirabella, GLOBEtrotter Software vice president.

"FLEXlm provides a means for software vendors to control product evaluations and deliver purchased licenses without resorting to commercially unsound shareware business strategies," according to Mirabella.

"FLEXlm allows Java-based products to more quickly achieve a business critical mass, by minimizing unpaid use of software and making marketing and sales more efficient. This is of great value to software businesses going into the Java marketplace."

FLEXlm for Java is interoperable with FLEXlm on UNIX, Microsoft Windows(r), Windows NT(r) and NetWare, so developers can use FLEXlm to have a uniform marketing and business operations approach to licensing software.

Java applets are run within a Web browser, such as Netscape's Navigator or Sun's HotJava, regardless of whether the browser is running on a Windows 95 PC, a UNIX workstation or a Power Macintosh.

Pricing for a FLEXlm developer license starts at $4,000. The production version of FLEXlm for Java will be available in August.

GLOBEtrotter Software is the market and technology leader in license management solutions and Electronic Commerce for Software. Nearly 800 leading computer manufacturers and software vendors use FLEXlm in more than 12,000 products worldwide.

Licensees include: Sun, DEC, HP, Fujitsu, NEC, ICL, Siemen Computer Associates, Adobe, Dow Jones, Cognos, CompuWare, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and many other major software vendors.

A privately held company, GLOBEtrotter Software is located in Campbell. FLEXlm is a registered trademark of GLOBEtrotter Software. Electronic Commerce for Software is a trademark of GLOBEtrotter Software.

Contact GLOBEtrotter Software at: 300 Orchard City Drive, No. 131, Campbell, Calif. 95008. Call 408/370-2800 or fax 408/370-2884. E-mail: Internet:

CONTACT: GLOBEtrotter Software Inc., Campbell

Richard Mirabella (No. 117)

Liz Naughton (No. 111)



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Ned Madden, 714/863-0404
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 30, 1996
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