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I was trying to pass out early on our final night in Lisbon when I heard a loud knock at my door. Everyone else was hammered, listening to David Gonzalez playing his guitar on the back patio of our Airbnb. Appleyard, however, was rattling my doorknob and yelling at me to come drink another bottle of wine with him. I was trying my best to ignore him when--BOOM! He kicked down the damn door, turned on the lights and drug me out of bed to have one more glass with the boys. As I sat pool side with the crew, reluctantly drinking more wine, I realized that a celebration actually was in order. We had accomplished more in the past ten days than I ever dreamed possible. Despite the warnings, we had prevailed in Portugal!

Choosing a destination for a ten-day skate trip can be a daunting task. When Globe landed upon Lisbon as the city of choice for this trip, I was warned before leaving that it was going to be an unfruitful mission. The reports I got were as follows: 1. There are only marble-ledge line spots there--good for filming, terrible for shooting photos. 2. The ground is mostly cobblestone. 3. All of the good spots have been thoroughly documented and desecrated. That, coupled with the fact that the region is famous for its wine, painted a perfect picture of a hungover shit show of a trip. But at this point, flights were booked and bags were already packed, so flipping the script was not an option. Oh well, when you expect the worst there's only room for improvement.



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Title Annotation:Good Luck IN LISBONT
Author:Papke, Alex
Geographic Code:4EUPR
Date:Feb 14, 2018
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