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 ADA, Mich., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Personal Care experts at Amway Corp., who develop Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care Products, are committed to keeping abreast of current beauty attitudes and providing women with simple, honest beauty products that fit into their lifestyles.
 To this end, a comprehensive market analysis was recently conducted on behalf of Artistry. This study uncovered trends in the way women around the world purchase and use cosmetics and skin care products, as well as the factors that are of greatest concern to them.
 An important finding which emerged as a result of this global study of women and beauty products is that many beauty attitudes are universal. Although there are vast cultural differences between women around the world, their beauty concerns and the features they look for in cosmetics and skin care products are remarkably similar.
 Following are eight major global trends identified on behalf of Artistry through its research:
 TREND No. 1 Greater Attention to Facial Skin Care:
 As awareness of the effects of aging on the skin increases, more women are realizing that skin care must be a priority at any age. To respond to this need, Artistry has simplified its Basic Skin Care System. Because Europeans have always been leaders in skin care, Amway sought the best European expertise in developing Artistry's Hydrolipid Matrix, a unique dual performance complex that combines the effectiveness of humectants with the latest lipid technology. The matrix, found in Artistry's daily moisturisers and supplemental products, was developed from Amway by a Swiss pharmaceutical company and is unique to the Artistry line.
 TREND No. 2 Growing Concern About the Sun and its Effects:
 Artistry has addressed this issue for years with many products containing sunscreens. Sunscreen improvements to the line include PABA- free sunscreen to all of its foundations and PABA-free SPF 8 sunscreen to its Moisture Rich Moisturiser and Clarifying Moisturiser. Lip color and base controller products all contain sunscreen.
 TREND No. 3 Emphasis on a more "Natural" Look:
 Women are now looking for cosmetic products that will subtly enhance their natural looks, rather than dramatically altering them. Seen in the U.S. for some time, the natural look is an emerging trend in other markets. Artistry puts an emphasis on matte eye colors, powders, powder blush, and foundations. Natural also implies "simplicity," and Artistry makes looking good as simple as possible by color coding shades into warm, cool, and neutral. Simple selection also is offered through systems for foundation type, shades, and skin care based on skin type.
 TREND No. 4 Attention to Cosmetics for More Daytime and Active Wear:
 Women want simplified, effective skin care and long-wearing cosmetic products that meet their needs for both work and leisure time. Artistry offers a new waterproof mascara, an eye foundation product that makes eye color water resistant, a longer lasting lip color and a powder foundation that carries easily as a touch-up foundation in a convenient refillable compact. Skin care cleansers and moisturisers are in easy- to-carry tubes to go anywhere.
 TREND No. 5 Cosmetics and Skin Care Products as Gifts for Friends:
 Cosmetics are widely considered luxurious and indulgent gifts for friends. The packaging of Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care products have been redesigned for a decidedly modern, upscale, and sleek look, making them an ideal gift for friends and relatives.
 TREND No. 6 More Concerns About Allergic Reaction to Cosmetics and Facial Skin Creams:
 Women around the world are becoming more aware of the effects products can have on their skin and are looking to manufacturers for assurances. All Artistry products are fragrance free, dermatologist- and allergy-tested, and nail products contain no acetone, toluene, or formaldehyde. Toners, Moisturisers, and Powder and Creme Foundations are non-comedogenic, while all eye products are ophthalmologist-tested. To address the needs of women with more sensitive skin, Artistry has added a Delicate Care line to its Basic Skin Care System. Many products are safe for Retin A users, and an allergy tested claim has been added.
 TREND No. 7 Greater Interest in and Acceptance of Fashion and Color Trends From Around the World:
 With international travel and advances in telecommunications making the world smaller, women are demanding cosmetics that reflect a modern, international style. The shades offered in the Artistry Cosmetics collection represent the best of current beauty trends and reflect an international palette of colors. Using input from 20 countries to develop shade selection, Artistry introduced shades that fit the needs of all markets and includes popular shades from its previous lines in the U.S. and European/Latin American/West Pacific lines.
 TREND No. 8 Increased Concern for the Environment:
 Women around the world are paying more attention to what they are buying and how it will affect the earth. Artistry has addressed this by reducing waste in packaging and offering refillable compacts for its Powder Foundation, Creme and Powder Blush and Eye Colours.
 The new Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care lines will be available in the U.S. and Canada through independent Amway distributors beginning November 1993. Customers interested in purchasing any Artistry products can locate an Amway distributor by calling 1-800-544-7167 or by looking in the phone book under "Amway Products."
 More than 400 items carrying the Amway name in such fields as home care, personal care, hometech, health and fitness and commercial lines are marketed by independent Amway distributors. Additionally, Amway distributors market 5,000 branch-name goods through the PERSONAL SHOPPERS Catalog, plus a variety of services and educational products.
 For the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 1993, Amway reported annual sales of $4.5 billion at estimated retail. Annual sales for fiscal 1993 represented a $600 million, or 15 percent, increase over reported sales of $3.9 billion (at estimated retail) for fiscal 1992. Amway has 11,000 employees worldwide and is a privately held company owned and operated by the families of Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos.
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