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 FAIRFIELD, N.J., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Global sales of specialty water management chemicals are nearly $5 billion in 1992. North America and Western Europe combined account for nearly 80 percent of the world consumption of specialty water management chemicals according to a new study by Kline & Company, Inc. Furthermore, North America represents over 50 percent of the worldwide total consumption of specialty water management chemicals.
 In North America, cooling water is the largest end use for specialty water management chemicals valued at nearly $800 million representing 30 percent of consumption. Process applications are the second largest end use accounting for another 26 percent of the dollars. The balance is split about evenly between boiler and waste/supply applications.
 In Western Europe, process and cooling applications each account for about 30 percent of the consumed value or roughly $330 million in 1992. Waste-supply applications add another 25 percent with the remaining 15 percent boiler water treatment applications.
 The significantly lower consumption for boiler water treatment chemicals in Western Europe compared to North America is due to increased usage of such external treatment programs as demineralization which are mandated by technical societies. These groups oversee boiler operating conditions in several West European countries. Consequently, future opportunities for specialty water management chemical companies in Western Europe will primarily be in waste, process and cooling applications. For example, specialty polymers are used in the United Kingdom for increased sludge dewatering for more economical sludge incineration. This results in the United Kingdom consuming 20 percent of the West European total of specialty wastewater treatment chemicals in 1992.
 Kline's new study, forecasts overall real growth of specialty water management chemicals to increase at an average annual rate of about 4 percent between 1992 and 1997 in Western Europe. Higher than average increases in the growth rate for specialty wastewater treatment chemicals will be somewhat balanced by lower growth rates for boiler water treatment chemicals.
 Although there are numerous suppliers of water management chemicals in both North America and Western Europe, the largest companies have significant market share. For example, in North America, Betz and Nalco are the two largest suppliers of specialty water management chemicals. However, their combined sales account for 36 percent of the total North American market for specialty water management chemicals. There are a total of 48 significant suppliers of water management chemicals in North America, each with sales over $3 million. The total number of companies which supply water management chemicals in North America totals over 500.
 In Western Europe, Nalco and Grace Dearborn are the two largest suppliers. Their combined sales represent 33 percent of the West European total consumption for specialty water management chemicals. Another 34 companies, each with sales over $1 million, supply water management chemicals to the West European market.
 In addition to detailing the market and profiling the suppliers for specialty water management chemicals in North America and Western Europe, Kline reports there are significant trends and driving forces for specialty water management chemicals in both regions. For example in North America, several key business issues that will shape the water management chemicals business for the next decade include:
 -- Alternative delivery systems
 -- Environmental, health, and safety programs
 -- Government regulations
 -- Quality programs
 End users are finding it more expensive and difficult to dispose of used drums. Therefore, they are requiring their suppliers of water management chemicals to provide alternative delivery systems which eliminate the use of drums. Similarly, end users look to their water management chemical suppliers for assistance in environmental, health, and safety programs and to ensure compliance with government regulations. In an effort to be more competitive in world markets, U.S. industry is improving the quality of the products it manufactures. Better control of the water management systems is a part of many companies' overall quality program.
 Similar issues are affecting the water management chemicals industry in Western Europe. Some examples include:
 -- ISO 9000 certification
 -- Monitoring and control equipment
 -- Packaging
 The ISO 9000 certification offers guarantees on the products being delivered. Computer-based monitoring and control equipment differentiates the service from the various suppliers and implies higher levels of quality by better control of the water management systems. Furthermore, as in North America, end users are interested in alternative packaging to drums.
 In addition, Kline's new report provides an analysis of entering the East European market. The study discusses opportunities and provides a strategy for supplying specialty water management chemicals in Poland, Hungary, Czech/Slovak Republics, Bulgaria, and Romania.
 This new report is the third comprehensive analysis prepared by the Kline group of experienced water management chemical analysts. The findings and conclusions of the study from nearly 400 interviews are summarized in a bound report of over 700 pages which has eight principal sections including executive summaries for each region plus an appendix.
 Kline's new study provides an analysis of the future outlook for water management chemicals in the United States, Western Europe, and Canada. The report has just been completed and is available only on subscription from Kline & Company, Inc., 165 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, N.J. 07004.
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