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AS expected Glebe Rangers manager Gary Scott said the celebrations in Ballymoney on Saturday night were long and loud.

Against all the odds, Rangers cemented their place in Championship 1 for another season with a win over relegation rivals Coagh United.

When new boss Scott was appointed, Glebe looked destined for the drop along with Armagh United.

However, a remarkable run of form in the final two months of the season turned that around and celebrations on Saturday night reflected that.

"It was a very, very good night," said Scott, pictured right.

"I don't as rule drink but considering how often I had to put my hand in my pocket I decided to break that rule and then remembered the reasons why on Sunday morning!

"The club deserved to celebrate, they have resurrected their own season, their own spirits and the fact that there is more than one good Intermediate town in this town.

"We have taken 50-60 fans with us wherever we have gone, it shows we have a fanbase there and I think we are an asset to this league.

"The secret is to respect people for what they are and what they do.

"I think I am very lucky, I have come to a group of players who have underachieved and knew they were underachieving.

"We changed a few things, we focused working hard again and lifting people's self-esteem.

"We prepared for each game individually and the same for each training session, inch by inch we wanted to move forward.

"What was in the past was in the past and we wanted to move forward and I think we have done that.

"Everyone at the club understands how vital they are to this club and the role they play here.

"The day we lost to Armagh we allowed ourselves to doubt for one second and that was against Armagh.

"However, I think that result was the one which spurred us on."

Scott concedes that his attentions have already turned to next season now that they know for sure they will be plying their trade in Championship 1. "We've finished in 10th place and that is our highest placing and we can settle for that this season but we now look to next season.

"We can happy with what we've done this season "In anything in life it is either growing or is dying, and we want to be growing.

"I would appeal to any young player in the area who wants to challenge himself at this level then this is the club for them.

"They will get the chance to prove themselves here, because there is a hunger about this place.

"The club have a long-sighted ambition and if that means enquiring about a domestic licence in a few years then so be it, but the work to win our first game of next season starts here and now."
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:May 4, 2010

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