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GL star signs.

LIBRA 9/23-10/23

OCTOBER One year older., and loads wiser. Lookin' for closure from the less-than-stellar lad from summer? Let bygones be bygones over lattes. You'll finally be free of awkward meets in the halls. Phew .... NOVEMBER Break the balance, Libra. The stars are sending you strong social signals to step out and become pals with new peeps. At a loss for words? A simple hi or sincere compliment works wonders to start up a friendly rapport. THANK YOUR lUCKY STARS FOR ... your beauty!

SAGITTARIUS 11/23-12/21 OCTOBER The cash you stashed from your PT gig is wearin' thin. Hankering for a bite out?. Throw a festive feast with friends at home. More merry, less money. NOVEMBER Use your weekends to sleep in and bank plenty o' rest: Tons of academic to-dos and tasks are heading your way. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your fiery spunk!

CAPRICORN 12/22-1/20 OCTOBER Listen up, Cappy! Keep those ears perked up and tuned in to those around you: They'll have the deets on a pop quiz or a potential matchup. NOVEMBER It's time to take a break and focus on yourself, C. Start turning the wheels toward your very bright future. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your positive 'tude!

AQUARIUS 1/21-2/18 OCTOBER Dying for some change in your life? Jazz up your 'do with a look that's so totally you. A quick li'l snip at the salon is just what Aqua needs. NOVEMBER Popularity with the boys is making the girls green. Save the lash battin' for one lucky lad. Drama averted. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your quirky personality!

PISCES 2/19-3/20 OCTOBER The moolah's flowin' instead of going to extremes--saving every cent or splurging it all away--find middle ground The best of both. NOVEMBER Support from the faro gives you the pick-me-up you need to reach goals. Captain? Class prez? It's in the bag. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your wild imagination!

ARIES 5/21-4/19 OCTOBER Positive vibes give your ego a boost. Out baggin' sweets? include your li'l sibs. They'll flip for joy when big sis lets them in on her social scene. NOVEMBER Totally stressed? Make a meet with morn or a BFE Venting to a loved one will have you feeling loads better. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your adventurous spirit!

SCORPIO 10/24-11/22 OCTOBER The Halloween festivities coupled with b-day bashes have you on a mega high, Bum some of that high-voltage energy by playing some of your fare sports. Just make sure your competitive spirit doesn't get in the way of F-U-N! NOVEMBER After a slow start to the school year, the pace picks up with piles of projects. Tackle each to-do one at a time, and you'll be golden by winter break. (Not to mention win over the 'rents.) THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your fearlessness!

TAURUS 4/20-5/20 OCTOBER Cupid's hovering close by in your Solar House, givin' you a sprinkle of luck to bewitch your current cutie. It's time to make a move. NOVEMBER Opportunities are poppin' up! Stay wide-eyed so you don't miss out. Success is a hop, skip and jump away. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your never-ending energy!

GEMINI 5/21-6/21 OCTOBER Your usual relentless whirl of invites is winding down (for now!), so make plans to catch up with your closest girls. They miss their social Gem. NOVEMBER Turkey Day dinner is your perfect opp to reconnect with the faro. Unplug and give 'em your undivided attention. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR... your witty banter!

CANCER 6/22-7/22 OCTOBER Haunted hayrides? Soccer matches? Your busy sched is pulling you in a zillion cliff directions. Just think of YOU for once. Your peeps will understand. NOVEMBER You're feelin' the holiday spirit, so get to decorating! Your family will be blown away with your crafty creations. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your sugary-sweet self!

LEO 7/2;5-8/22 OCTOBER As leader, your pals are looking to you to bring it when it comes to fun. If your school's giving rewards for awesome costumes, enter with your girls. NOVEMBER A chica in your close crew is feelin' a little down for the holidays. Invite her over for an all-about-her sleepover. THANK YOUR LUCY STARS FOR ... your sunny smile!

VIRGO 8/23-9/22 OCTOBER Brain buzzin' with homework horrors before bedtime? Give yoga or Pilates a whirl, and shake off those scary thoughts with calming exercise. NOVEMBER Long road trips to see faraway tam? Pack your fave jams and reads. You'll arrive in good spirits to meet 'n' greet. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS FOR ... your flawless taste!
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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