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GL body Q&A.


Whenever I walk long distances, I get chafing on my upper inner thighs. It hurts really bad and I don't know what to do about it.

Chafing--redness and irritation caused by skin rubbing together--is a common discomfort for women and teens. To avoid the burn, wear well-fitting clothing in a smooth fabric like Lycra when you walk or exercise, says Dr. Charles Wibbelsman, chief of the Teenage Clinic at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in San Francisco. It also helps to slather on a lubricating product like Sportslick ($12,, and then use a gentle lotion like Cetaphil when you get home to soothe any irritation.

I'm too embarrassed to ask everyone else this, but is it normal for m9 hippies to itch?

Itchiness is a totally normal part of breast growth, says Dr. Sharon Marshall, clinical chief of adolescent medicine at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. You'll probably get extra itchy about a week before your period because your body is releasing tons of hormones during that time. As your breasts continue to grow, you'll also start to notice tenderness and soreness before your period. Wear a loose-fitting bra when you're PMSing, and use lotion to tame the itch.


Period blood can pool up inside you while you're snoozin', says Dr. Nancy Armstrong, who runs a gynecology clinic in Richmond, Va. And when you get out of bed in the a.m., it flows out like crazy. How to handle? Wear an ultra tampon at night and grab one or two on your way out of the house to prevent a period disaster.

There are innies, and then there are super-innies, or deep bellybuttons with lots of skin folds. Sounds like you have the latter, and these deep holes and folds can trap stuff like soap, sweat and water, and turn them into a stink pit. You just need to spend a little extra time washing out your bellybutton every week or so, says Dr. Marshall. If you have trouble getting in there, use a wet Q-tip and then a dry one for a clean sweep of the area.

Fact or Fiction?

Cheerleading can lead to an eating disorder.

FACT. Think hard before going out for cheerleading, especially if the squad's uniforms are skimpy. A recent study found that one out of three college cheerleaders showed signs of an eating disorder. Which cheerleaders suffered the most probs? Girls on squads with midriff-exposing uniforms. While we heart cheerleading, it's time to get the focus back on the routines.


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