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GL Communicator. (Management News and Products).

Gordano Ltd., have announced the availability of GLCommunicatora. which is designed to support customer relationship management (CRM) activities through a suite of CRM-focused tools, including dynamic message personalisation, file management, archiving, and database maintenance modules.

The solution is scaleable and utilises ODBC to enhance new and legacy database systems with CRM capabilities. Capable of handling mass email distributions, GLCommunicator, features security features, automatic task restart and recovery mechanisms and a 'returned email' management system.

It can also be configured to deliver individually tailored messages to millions of customers using Mail Meta Language (MML) substitutions based on any fields from a user's existing ODBC or local database. GLCommunicator Also features a powerful job concentration technology (JCT) that consolidates similar tasks into one job, then processes them in a single operation - providing users with rapid response times on mailing lists with any number of subscribers.
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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