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GL's crushin' on ... Austin Butler.

Austin, 17, sizzles on the big--and small--screen this summer. Not only is the former Zoey 101 actor starring in They Come From Upstairs as well as the ABC Family summer series Ruby & The Rockits, he also has a guest spot on Disney XD's Zeke end Luther. He's sweet, silly--and totally swoon-worthy!

SPACE INVADERS They Came From Upstairs (opening July 31) is an alien action-adventure in which Austin plays Jake Pearson, a rebellious teen whose divorced dad blames himself and gives Jake everything that he wants. So does Austin have a favorite classic alien flick? "I love E.T. It's not like a normal, scare alien movie. It's kind of a sweet story, how the alien and little Drew Barrymore become friends."

HE MIGHT EVEN BE A ROCKSTAR In Ruby & The Rockits, Austin plays Jordan Gallagher. His dad, a former teen idol, suddenly has his now-quiet family life disrupted when a newly discovered teenage daughter, Ruby, shows up at his door, courtesy of an ex-bandmate and his brother. "Jordan's a musician and loves to play the guitar. [Of all the characters I've played,] I related to him the most. There are differences between us though. He's melodramatic and plays depressing songs.

But he wants to be a rockstar and I've always wanted to be a rockstar."

LET'S BOUNCE "I can pogo stick as long as I want to--like 2,000 times--without losing mg balance. I can just keep going. I learned when I was little, and now I can just do it forever."

SOMEONE TO LOL WITH "I've never had a summer romance, but I'm not against having one ... I like a really good sense of humor. I'm really into funny movies. They have to appreciate the same kind of comedy that I like--that's very important" Some of Austin's laves? Anchorman and Office Space.

HIS DREAM ROLES Austin would be totally psyched to make an appearance on one of his lave TV shows. "I would love to guest-star on 24. Kiefer Sutherland is amazing. That's the one show I will watch from beginning to end, and I hove to see it. I just want to be Kiefer Sutherland."


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