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GL's celestial scoop for 2007.

Aries 3/21-4/19

Astro-traits Courageous and energetic

Secret desire An all-out major mall spree!

Cosmic color Crimson red

Star flower Honeysuckle

The school sitch If you've been following the academic path the stars have paved for you, keep up the good work. You have every excuse in the book to be pulling great grades for 2007. After all, "A" stands for Aries. Right, smarty?

The social scene School will be the main stage for strutting your social status this year, Miss Congeniality. Just be sure to sign up for lots of extracurriculars so the socializing doesn't affect your report card.

The boy drama Got a crush? Or a boy who's a friend? Or a cutie you've just been talking to but haven't dated? It's about to turn somewhat more serious in the near future. Happy New Year!

Taurus 4/20-5/20

Astro-traits Dependable and affectionate

Secret desire Red Hot Chili Peppers tix with backstage passes

Cosmic color Emerald green

Star flower Violet

The school sitch School won't come easy to you in 2007, but that's OK. It just means you'll have to work a little harder, and that's a lesson in itself. Be organized and, well, stay on Teacher's good side.

The social scene Your weekends are destined to be jam-packed with lotsa pal posses. No stickin'-to-one-clique for you, Taurus! Expect to have friends from all different slews of crews.

The boy drama There's a strong likelihood you will be hit with a Crush Comet. That's like Cupid's Arrow but way more "didn't see that coming!" It should be challenging, yet uplifting.

Gemini 5/21-6/21

Astro-traits Fun-lovin' and witty

Secret desire An entire summer spent surfside--with boys in wet suits!

Cosmic color Bright yellow

Star flower Lily of the valley

The school sitch You have lots of questions, so be the first to raise your hand. Test success comes through knowledge so, if you don't get it, ask. Then, work on those listening skills. Good job!

The social scene The planets are mapping out day trips for you and your gals. Check your local paper for free events. There's nothing like bonding with buds at festivals, concerts and art galleries.

The boy drama Never a shortage of boys in your world, magnetic Gemini. And, yes, this is the year you might meet The One. There's a good chance he might become an official BF ... by summer.

Cancer 6/22-7/22

Astro-traits Loyal and sensitive

Secret desire Unique antique necklace

Cosmic color Pearly white

Star flower Rosemary

The school sitch You should set a course for the next few years of really making an effort to soak up the knowledge. You seem to get the best grasp on certain subjects through group discussions. Daydreaming allowed during free periods only.

The social scene You've learned the ins and outs of friendship politics, and you want everyone to play nice. Set an example by spreading the random acts of kindness you read about on bumper stickers.

The boy drama Just like with friendships, you're not interested in playing reindeer games in the boy department either. You know your values, and you plan to stay true to you. Doesn't hurt to flirt, though.

Leo 7/23-8/22

Astro-traits Enthusiastic and strong

Secret desire Lifelong gym membership

Cosmic color Burnt orange

Star flower Marigold

The school sitch The New Year kicks off a period of self-improvement for you, Leo. You will be working extra hard to pull a respectable report card, and here's the bonus: a gigantic feeling of accomplishment for what you achieve.

The social scene Your weekends will be wickedly excitement-filled, Lioness. Tap your inner adventure goddess by joining community theater, signing up for a sculpting class or taking up rec-league lacrosse. You'll meet tons of new friends.

The boy drama Your crush scene will be sizzlin' in 2007. If unattached, expect your new datebook to fill up fast. Have a BF? You two will have so much fun this year!

Virgo 8/23-9/22

Astro-traits Ambitious and hard-working

Secret desire A pair of spanking-new K2 Phat Luv powder skis

Cosmic color Navy blue

Star flower Narcissus

The school sitch You have so many cool opportunities for putting your great ideas out there this year. If you balance projects between creativity and common sense, the outcome will be sterling-good grades.

The social scene Looks like this is your year to be the hostess with the mostest. You'll be the social director, event planner and life of the party all rolled into one. Break out the confetti!

The boy drama All that partying and socializing will definitely up the number of cuties crossing your orbit. Never a dull moment in your dating scene before you slow down with a special somebody.

Libra 9/23-10/23

Astro-traits Charming and easygoing

Secret desire A collection of fine fragrances to match every mood

Cosmic color Pale pink

Star flower Rose

The school sitch Your writing skills are top-notch this year, and your oral presentations are much improved too. This will play out in a positive way--as in, expect a few fat plus-signs to back up many of your grades. Also, consider starting a journal to express yourself on a personal level.

The social scene Odds are you'll add a lot of newbies to your buddy list. Many of these are probably lifelong BFF-worthy. The stars are shining down on lots of group-date activity for you, too, which brings us to ...

The boy drama You'll be putting off way-attractive vibes, so lots of boys will be drawn to you. There's a shot you'll meet a good candidate for a keeper when pitching in for a charitable cause. This is cool since you dig dudes who share your values.

Scorpio 10/24-11/22

Astro-traits Idealistic and focused

Secret desire A pile of designer handbags, one for every day of the week. And shoes to match.

Cosmic color Deep purple

Star flower Rhododendron

The school sitch Honors classes are in your 2007 crystal ball. If you don't get the accolades you deserve for all your stellar accomplishments, speak up. You've gotta fight for your right to be rewarded for your efforts. Get the extra credit you deserve.

The societal scene You are likely to get more involved in extracurricular activities--or even a part-time job--in the coming year. Either way, this will definitely widen your friendship circle. Be there or be square.

The boy drama Spontaneity and serendipity are all over your crush scene. In other words, don't think about it so much and just let it happen. When you let go of the reins, the romantic aspects of your life will seriously jazz up, adventure girl.

Sagittarius 11/23-12/21

Astro-traits Curious and optimistic

Secret desire A puppy dog

Cosmic color Royal blue

Star flower Dandelion

The school sitch You're likely to excel in one particular subject--or maybe a sport or other interest--and this could go pretty far in determining your future career choice. Consider attending a specialized camp or planning your own field trips with your friends over next summer's vacay.

The social scene Most of your buds are probably from around the neighborhood. It's your Sagittarius take-charge enthusiasm that keeps the crew occupied at all times. Your lucky parents rarely hear you utter the words, "I'm bored."

The boy drama Put full stock in your intuitive hunches when it comes to all issues that are guy-related. He might tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear, but hear this: Your instincts are right-on.

Capricorn 12/22-1/20

Astro-traits Patient and determined

Secret desire A new Sony VAIO

Cosmic color Dark gray

Star flower Pansy

The school sitch Smart Cappy, you totally get it--a good GPA is an investment in your future. You'll be pulling extra study time and, for you, A's and B's are all about going Above and Beyond.

The social scene Deep, meaningful conversations should punctuate your friendships this year. No shallow gossip for you--it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If any dilemmas arise on the social scene, you are key in helping to prob-solve since you're able to see issues from nearly every angle.

The boy drama Yes, boys can be sooo completely confusing at times. You might be a little bit starry-eyed, but you'll gain the most clarity when you follow your intuition. Here's the astrological spin: Out with the old, in with the new!

Aquarius 1/21-2/18

Astro-traits Friendly and inventive

Secret desire An original, signed Salvador Dali painting

Cosmic color Soft lilac

Star flower Buttercup

The school sitch You'll probably score some serious way-cool-to-be-at-school recognition--maybe an academic award or team-captain appointment. Whatever it is, it'll look darned impressive on your college apps. It's never too soon to start collecting letters of recommendation.

The social scene Fabulous friendships are definitely in the forefront of your 2007. Existing bud bonds are bound to get tighter, and plenty of new pals will be hooking up to your existing posse. Have fun!

The boy drama A crush connection is likely to reach a deeper level thanks to your rock-solid communication skills and creative spirit. He's gonna be like, "Wow!" But if things take a turn, listen to your head and not your heart.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

Astro-traits Empathetic and intuitive

Secret desire Peace on planet Earth, goodwill to all

Cosmic color Turquoise

Star flower Poppy

The school sitch The planets are so lined up for you to make a major mark on the scholastic scene in 2007. Your competitive nature gives you even more of an academic edge. Go, Fish! Foresight isn't always your strongest trait, but rockin' good grades will pay off in the long run.

The social scene Adventures with friends will be unpredictable, and that's the exciting part. You love a good verbal debate, so hang with provocative people who challenge your train of thought. Just don't let your Pisces mood swings bring out the worst in you.

The boy drama If you're a single gal, all your great energy will lure plenty of guy potential. Already have a special boy? Expect the connection to become even more spectacular.

Illustration by Bella Pilar
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