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THIS week we have received a donation of pounds 50 from A Newbold 'wishing Nellie Newbold a very special happy birthday'.

A donation of pounds 30 comes from Mr H Heath 'in memory of my sister Kathleen, March 5, 2006 from Marie, Henry, Steve and Lynn Heath and families and also the Brookes family'.

A gift of pounds 25 comes 'in loving memory of Nancy Bough, March 17, 1982, with love from husband Fred, daughter Denise and grandson James' and another pounds 25 comes from Mrs M Pace 'in memory of a very dear friend, Mrs Anne Hepton-stall, February 2006, who supported the fund for many years.

A further pounds 25 comes 'in loving memory of our dear sister Gladys Lydia Morris, March 18, 2004, from sisters Jean and Lily and brothers Gordon, Doug and Stan. Loved and missed and always in our thoughts'.

pounds 20

JENNY and Ritchie Bowen send pounds 20 'with loving birthday and Mother's Day memories of a dear mum Ann Bowen, always loved and never fogotten' and another pounds 20 comes 'in memory of my husband Maurice Adams, March 19, 2003. Greatly missed and always in the thoughts of wife Kath, son Paul and all the family. Memories are forever'.

A gift of pounds 15 comes 'in memory of my dear mum Edna Brookes, March 10, 1993, from her daughter Linda, son-in-law Don and grandsons Adrian and Gavin. We miss you so much and you are in our thoughts always'.

pounds 10

A DONATION of pounds 10 comes 'in loving memory of mom and dad and all our other loved ones who are always remembered by the Langley family' and another pounds 10 comes 'in loving memory of our dear mom Dora Childs. Always in the thoughts of Pam, Doug and all the family'.

Stamps come from M Mathews, Chrissie and Alan, Lou and Lez, Sheffield Insulations and several anonymous donors.

Week's Total pounds 230

Overall Total pounds 8,452.45
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 19, 2006
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