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GIS falls on drivers to fight crime along Ghana-Togo borders.

The Volta Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration (DCI) Peter Claver Nantuo (Esq) has called for effective collaboration between the security agencies and relevant stakeholders, such as drivers to help fight crime in the region especially along the borders this year.

DCI Nantuo said the personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service as well as other security agencies such as the police, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, the Prisons Service and the Ghana National Fire Service have all been playing their roles over the years to ensure law and order, but such efforts ought to be complemented by stakeholders.

The Volta Regional Commander of the Immigration Service, made the call at a meeting with security agencies and all transport organizations in the Volta region, which was organised by his outfit.

He pointed out that drivers, per the nature of their work, play crucial role in helping the security agencies in dealing with relevant issues likely to affect the peace and stability of the region.

DCI Nantuo said drivers in the region should be interested in the behaviour of persons they carry from one place to the other as well as knowing exactly the content of their luggage.

When they (drivers) are not satisfied with the behaviour of any of their passengers, they should report such people to the nearest immigration, police and Customs check-points on the road.

He explained that his outfit and that of the police, Customs and other security agencies would not be able to work alone.

Therefore, they coordinate activities, which needed the support of other stakeholders like drivers to assist them with relevant information that would lead to arrest of criminals.

The Regional Commander of the Immigration Service told the drivers that supporting foreigners to enter the country without legal documents and conveying them to a destination of their choice ought to be seen as abetment of crime.

DCI Nantuo said child trafficking was illegal and urged drivers to distant themselves from such unlawful practice noting that drivers would be of much assistant to the immigration personnel and other security agencies by reporting suspected child trafficking case to them.

Nantuo said the security agencies in collaboration with the executives of the transport organizations in the Volta region, would draw a programme that would ensure that the security agencies and the transport organizations meet regularly in 2020, where much educational activities would be carried out with the expectations of drivers reporting suspected criminals.

The Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Edward Oduro Kwarteng commended the various transport unions for their cooperation with the security agencies over the years in the discharge of their duties but was quick to say that a lot more needed to be done on the part of drivers to enable the security to also work more effectively in maintaining law and order.

DCOP Kwarteng stressed the need for drivers to demonstrate high levels of patriotism and that it was sad that a section of the drivers team up with criminals to commit crime citing commercial vehicles used in committing crimes such as robbery, child trafficking, carrying of smuggled goods such as arms and narcotics among others.

The Regional Police Commander noted that the situation where drivers still work with people to commit various criminal acts such as transportation of children to engage in child prostitution and hard labour should be of much concern to stakeholders. He hoped that the transport organizations, would help the security agencies in 2020 by providing relevant information that would eventually help in effective handling of criminal activities in the region.

The Ho Sector Commander of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Madam Elizabeth Bediako noted that it was very unfortunate that drivers still transport illegal goods across the borders of the country, which she admitted were being done out of ignorance, stressing that such activities go a long way to deny the nation of the needed revenue for development.

Madam Bediako, educating the union executives explained that smuggling of vehicles and goods into the country was aimed at avoiding tax, which would be used in the construction of roads, building of schools and hospitals among others and urged the transport organization executives to assist the security agencies to put to an end smuggling activities supported by drivers.

The Volta Regional Commander of the Ghana National Fire Service, Mr. David Anaglatey disclosed that his outfit would soon start training drivers on first aid practices, stressing that many accident victims who should have survived, die because drivers lack the basic knowledge in handling accident victims.

The Volta Region Industrial Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Mr. Padmoor McBilly Danyo and the Ho branch Chairman of the Progressive Transport Owners Association, Mr. Isaac Amenyo all thanked the security agencies for the meeting, which is the first of its kind and called for such meetings regularly to help educate drivers more on issues relating to security in the work that they do.
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Publication:Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra, Ghana)
Date:Jan 23, 2020
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