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GIRLS GONE WILD IN IRELAND; US sex show eyes up Irish venues for tour.


DOZENS of nightclubs are vying for the chance to host seedy parties where drunk girls are encouraged to strip for TV cameras.

Producers of the hit US show Girls Gone Wild claim they have been inundated with requests from Irish clubs to host one of their events.

A Girls Gone Wild production team is due to arrive in Ireland at the end of this month to find a suitable location for their show.

The sleazy franchise has become a phenomenon in the US and features girls exposing themselves in return for free T-shirts.

Producer Eric Deutsch told the Irish Sunday Mirror they I hear are looking forward to bringing the Girls Gone Wild tour bus to Ireland - and he is confident they will find girls willing to strip off for the cameras.

He boasted: "I hear that lots of young Irish girls like to party and have a good time so it's a great country for us to bring the tour bus.

"And there is a very good possibility that we will film a show from outside one of your top clubs.

"We are getting lots of emails from clubs in Ireland saying that they would like to host a show. So we will come over at the end of June to check them out and pick the best one."

Mr Deutsch revealed that the only stipulation for girls to appear on the show is that they are aged between 18 and 25.

He said: "The way it works is that after we have completed negotiations with a club, they will charge a small fee at their doors for entrance and will obviously pick the right girls from the age group we are looking for.

"So if any girls out there between the ages of 18 and 25 think they would have fun at our event then they should show up and enjoy themselves.

"Our shows are all about fun, freedom and youthful expression."

But Madeline Hawke from the Irish Feminist Network said she had serious concerns about how the show operates.

She added: "One of the big issues we have with Girls Gone Wild is the fact it is filmed in bars and nightclubs where alcohol is obviously involved.

"Alcohol plays a big part in removing inhibitions so you would have to wonder about the issue of consent.

"It is also a fairly rushed decision by girls to partake in this sort of show and some may only take part because their friends are also doing it. So there is a certain amount of coercion involved and I'm sure some girls regret it afterwards."

Ms Hawke also has an issue with the fact the show only focuses on young girls.

She said: "Why is it only Girls Gone Wild and not People Gone Wild. I don't see them looking to get men doing the same things. They are preying on vulnerable girls."

And she called on Irish girls and nightclubs to shun the Girls Gone Wild team when they arrive here.

She added: "I would hope our clubs would have the moral backbone to not get involved.

"It's a shame that it is moving out of America and has turned its focus on Ireland, but they must feel they will find a market here.

"Normally I don't think young Irish girls would be interested in this but with alcohol involved it changes things."


Youthful expression... Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis poses with friends at a glitzy movie bash
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUIR
Date:Jun 12, 2011
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