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 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert G. Hunter, chairman of Pacific Sentinel Gold Corp. (NASDAQ: PSGVF; Vancouver: PSG) announced that a preliminary mineral reserve has been calculated for the Casino copper-gold-molybdenum deposit located in southern Yukon. The preliminary mineral reserve is 615 million tons containing 3.10 billion pounds of copper, 5.39 million ounces of gold and 309 million pounds of molybdenum. These results equate to 142 pounds of copper, 0.25 ounces gold and 14 pounds of molybdenum for each Pacific Sentinel Gold Corp. common share outstanding. In addition the Casino deposit remains open to expansion on the west and north (see drill plan attached). Due to the exceptional drilling results, Pacific Sentinel Gold Corp. is accelerating its engineering, environmental and permitting programs for large-scale, long-life, open pit mine development.
 Details of the preliminary mineral reserve are:
 Mineral Zone Reserve Grade Contained Metal
 Name Million Cu Mo Au Billion Million Million
 Tons Percent Percent oz/t lbs. Cu lbs. Mo oz.Au
 Leached 31 0.11 0.024 0.020 0.07 15 0.60
 Supergene 95 0.43 0.031 0.012 0.81 59 1.11
 Hypogene 489 0.23 0.024 0.008 2.22 235 3.68
 & Hypogene 584 0.26 0.025 0.008 3.03 294 4.79
 All Zones 615 3.10 309 5.39
 (a) See attached for reserve calculation parameters.
 Important features of the Casino deposit are:
 -- The leached zone contains significant gold which is available at a very low strip ratio.
 The leached zone itself is comparable in size and grade to many currently operating gold mines. Early production may be achievable at a low capital cost.
 -- The supergene zone provides high grade mineralization for mining in the early years of mine life, allowing for rapid payback of project capital. Over 53 million tons having a grade of 0.52 percent copper, 0.013 ounces gold/ton and 0.039 percent molybdenum are contained within the overall supergene zone.
 -- The deposit is a very large metal resource capable of providing for large-scale, long-life metal production of copper, gold and molybdenum.
 As a further indication of the significance of the Casino deposit, the preliminary mineral reserve can be compared to Canada's major open pit metal mines.
 Deposit Reserve Grade Contained Metal
 Name Million Cu Mo Au Billion Million Million
 Tons Percent Percent oz/t lbs. Cu lbs. Mo oz.Au
 Bell 128 0.48 --- 0.010 1.2 --- 1.3
 Bethlehem 556 0.42 0.016 --- 4.7 178 ---
 Brenda 175 0.18 0.049 --- 0.6 172 ---
 B.C. Moly 116 --- 0.120 --- --- 278 ---
 Mountain 157 0.57 --- 0.005 1.8 --- 0.8
 Endako 256 --- 0.081 --- --- 414 ---
 Gibraltar 360 0.37 0.008 --- 2.7 58 ---
 Granisle 94 0.43 --- 0.004 0.8 --- 0.3
 Highmont 149 0.28 0.031 --- 0.8 92 ---
 Island 280 0.52 0.017 0.006 2.9 95 1.7
 Lornex 526 0.41 0.015 --- 4.3 158 ---
 Similco 60 0.43 --- 0.005 0.5 --- 0.3
 Valley 872 0.48 0.007 --- 8.4 122 ---
 Median 175 0.42 0.015 0.0 1.5 53 0.0
 (b) Modified and updated after Sinclair, A.J.; Carter, N.C., and Dawson K.M.: A Preliminary Analysis of Gold and Silver Grades of Porphyry-Type Deposits in Western Canada; Precious Metals in the Northern Cordillera; The Association of Exploration Geochemists, 1982.
 The Casino deposit's preliminary mineral reserve is based on 161,000 feet of systematic grid drilling in 106 drill holes (Nos. 123-230). The deposit currently measures some 4,200 feet north-south and 2,600 feet east-west and averages 1,160 feet thick. A further 20 holes have been drilled (Nos. 231-250) and results from these additional holes will be added to the data base when assaying is completed and checked. Some of these holes, which were drilled up to 1,900 feet west of the preliminary mineral reserve, are visually reported to have intersected significant lengths of copper mineralization.
 The Casino deposit has many similarities to the well-known, long- life open pit mines in southwestern United States with the added bonus of higher gold grades. Overburden averaging 26 feet thick overlies a gold-bearing oxidized and leached zone which averages 212 feet thick. Underlying the gold-bearing leached zone is a high-grade supergene blanket averaging 182-feet thick. A primary copper-gold-molybdenum mineralized hypogene zone averaging 766 feet thick lies below the supergene enriched zone (see cross section attached).
 Diamond drilling has completed for the winter months so that all data can be compiled and open pit mine planning commenced. Examination of deposit cross sections and plans indicates the deposit will have low stripping ratios. Drilling will recommence in early spring 1994 and will consist of in-fill drilling for final mine planning purposes; continued step-out drilling to determine the overall size of the deposit and exploration drilling to test several other deposit targets within the large property.
 Project engineering is examining metal production from the supergene and hypogene zones: a copper-gold concentrate and a molybdenum concentrate by conventional flotation milling operations, while also producing gold dore from the leached zone by standard gold-leach methods. Metallurgical test-work is underway to substantiate these treatment processes.
 The Yukon is truly a land of opportunity. The Yukon government is highly supportive of mining. In addition to its ongoing policy of supporting infrastructure, it has recently announced the development of a strategy to ensure that electric power will be made available at competitive prices for large new mine developments. The Casino deposit is rapidly progressing towards becoming the economic engine of the Yukon.
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