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GI Dynamics Presents Study Results Comparing Gastric Bypass and EndoBarrier Therapy.

M2 PHARMA-May 19, 2015-GI Dynamics Presents Study Results Comparing Gastric Bypass and EndoBarrier Therapy


Data showing improvement in glucose metabolism following treatment with US-based medical device maker GI Dynamics, Inc.'s (ASX: GID) EndoBarrier Therapy (duodenal-jejunal bypass liner or DJBL) suggests that the treatment comes significantly close to improvement achieved with gastric bypass surgery in obese patients with type 2 diabetes, the company said on Tuesday.

In a poster titled, 'Improvement in Glucose Metabolism after Bariatric Surgery: Comparison of Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Duodenojejunal Bypass,' Dr. Jurgen Stein, Department of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition, Hospital Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt, Germany, presented these findings at the American Gastroenterological Association's annual Digestive Disease Week meeting in Washington, DC.

According to the company, this is the first study comparing the improvement in glucose metabolism following gastric bypass surgery, considered the 'gold standard' of metabolic surgery, to the less invasive endoscopic placement of the EndoBarrier device.

Preliminary data demonstrate that both procedures have a similar impact on diabetes remission and significant impact on body weight: RYGB (? HbA1c, -1.1%, ? bw 28.2 kg; ? BMI 10.4 kg/m2), DJBL (? HbA1c, -1.4%, ? bw 22.9 kg; ? BMI 8.8 kg/m2).

These data show that EndoBarrier, specifically designed to mimic the duodenal-jejunal exclusion created by gastric bypass surgery, has a significant impact on glucose homeostasis at one, three and nine months of therapy, which can reduce the reliance patients may have on diabetes medications.

GI Dynamics is the developer of EndoBarrier, the first endoscopically-delivered device therapy approved for the treatment of obese type 2 diabetes with BMI >= 30 kg/m2, or obese patients with BMI >= 30 kg/m2 with >= 1 comorbidities, or obese patients with BMI >35 kg/m2.

The liner is indicated for a maximum implant duration of 12 months. EndoBarrier is approved and commercially available in multiple countries outside the US EndoBarrier is not approved for sale in the US and is limited by federal law to investigational use only in the United States.

GI Dynamics is conducting a pivotal clinical trial of EndoBarrier in the US for the treatment of patients who have uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and are obese. Founded in 2003, GI Dynamics is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:May 19, 2015
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