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GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center: Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

MASS Design Group

When cholera rapidly spread across Haiti in 2010, independently operated cholera treatment tents were assembled as a short-term response. More than three years later, these facilities remain the mainstays for cholera treatment, despite the fact that they cannot provide dignified, prevention-oriented, and long-term healthcare.

The cholera treatment tents fail to adequately withstand the Haitian climate and rely on manual sewage collection that risks human exposure and recontamination of the water table. Meanwhile, 36% of the Haitian population lacks access to an improved drinking water source, and only 28% have access to an improved toilet. Diarrheal disease remains the second leading cause of death for children under five.

The GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center (CTC)--the first permanent facility in Port-au-Prince--aimed to heal the community as well as the patients through culturally specific, innovative solutions. It was designed based on an understanding that Haiti deserves a solution that integrates cholera treatment into the existing healthcare infrastructure, and the threat that cholera will become endemic in Haiti without a comprehensive solution. With on-site wastewater treatment and purified water integrated into the building's design, the CTC provides an aggressive model for cholera treatment, while creating a healing space that promotes a dignified patient experience.

Using local culture and local resources, the project improved quality, reduced cost and expanded population health. It provided sustainable water technologies and a training opportunity for the Haitian construction industry. Additionally, the CTC's flexible design will allow it to maintain a role as an inpatient healthcare center when the need for cholera treatment becomes obsolete.

Category: Innovations in planning and design research, built and unbuilt

Project: Cholera Disease Treatment Center

Owner/Client: GHESKIO

Project Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Architect: MASS Design Group

Partner in Charge: Alan Ricks

Principal in Charge: Christopher Scovel

Project Architects: Adam Saltzman, David Saladik, Christopher Scovel, Kyle Digby, Ben Hartigan, Alix Joseph

Principal Designer: David Saladik

Project Manager: Adam Saltzman

Interior Design: MASS Design Group

Landscape Architecture: MASS Design Group

Structural Engineering: Matt Sisul

Mechanical Engineering: Mazzetti

Electrical Engineer: Mazzetti

Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer: Mazzetti

Civil Engineering: Fall Creek Engineering

Construction Management: MASS Design Group

Photographs/Illustrations: MASS Design Group

Anticipated construction cost: $600,000

Building area GSF: 6,750

Construction start date: June 2012

Substantial completion date: December 2014

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Publication:Healthcare Design
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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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