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GOOD vibrations are needed by everyone ... and of course all of us want our lives to be full of positive feelings! We all have an energy field around us that is called the ' etheric' body or aura. Improving our etheric vibrations improves not only our health, but also our emotional well- being.

Each crystal can help us change the vibrations around us if used correctly. Meditation is an excellent way to work on the improvement of these vibrations.

The beautiful purple Amethyst has strong vibrations that calm the emotions. It is one of the better stones to use for meditation, for it will help your mind to relax, which in turn will help you slip into a state of relaxation.

To get the gratitude you believe you deserve from others, you may like to keep an Amethyst in your immediate environment or carry it with you. This is especially useful for people who tend to be high- strung or excitable.

If you are unwell or unhappy, the vibrations of your body may change and slip to a lower level.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Aug 19, 2012
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