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GET-UP AND GO; Pets and their People; Pooches with breeches.

Byline: Rachel Spencer

WHO wears the trousers in your house? Looks like it might be your dog.

These quirky pants were produced by Harriet Sinfield-Day, a former teacher turned dog walker who was fed up with cleaning muddy dogs.

Harriet, 37, who walks six dogs a day, said: "My clients live in the Surrey stockbroker belt and when I am taking a muddy cockapoo back to a PS20million house with white interiors I could find myself frantic with worry about the mess they make.

"I would towel-dry them off as best I could but they would often run in and shake up the walls, jump on the sofas or just lay their muddy tummies down on the kitchen floor.

"I'd be mortified and would frantically clean up."

Harriet, who is married to film producer David, 38, spotted a set of dog trousers while on holiday in the US and decided to create her own, setting up The Dog Trouser Company. The PS75 price tag is not cheap, but Harriet says they can last a dog's lifetime if they're properly cared for.

Manufactured in Wales, they're made of durable, waterproof, rip-proof, machine-washable fabric.

She has sold more than 400 items since launching last April.

The trousers cover all four legs and the tummy area of the dog, and come in either a red or grey camouflage print with elastic at the top and straps across the back to hold them in place.

Harriet said: "When you take them off, underneath their fur is totally clean and dry. You only have to clean their paws. People often laugh when they see you out walking with a dog in trousers but dog owners think they're a brilliant idea.

"It means the dog can still enjoy muddy walks but without the hassle of the post-walk clean-up."

Harriet, of Chobham, Surrey, donates a portion of all sales to the Romanian dog charity 1 Dog At A Time since taking in a rescue dog herself - a Romanian shepherd, Alma.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 18, 2018
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