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Now that hunting season is coming to a close, what are you going to do with all those squirrel tails?

As a hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool tree-rat hunter myself, I've probably tossed away bushels of tails leftover from the field dressing process through the years. I've even still got several salted away in my barn, back from the time when I swore I'd use them to tie fishing lures in off-season during these rotten Midwestern winters.

I just found out I could have been making a killing while making a killing: Mepps Lure Company buys squirrel tails.

It turns out squirrel tail hair makes the best dressing on treble hooks. Unfortunately, they're somewhat hard to come by since there are very few commercial squirrel ranches in operation (Hollywood excepted). To fulfill their production needs, Mepps started a program over 50 years ago to purchase the tails from hunters.

You're not going to get rich and they don't advocate killing squirrels merely to sell tails, but if you're bagging squirrels on a regular basis, it might put a few bucks in your pocket to recycle a little tail.

Caption: Sell that tail to Mepps, Inc.

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