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GUJIA A favourite festival sweet from north India Ingredients 250g flour 500g khoya (a form of dried milk) A few raisins 100g almonds 3 tbsp cooking oil 100ml water 250g sugar Method Mix the oil and flour properly to form a binding consistency of breadcrumbs. Add some water and lightly knead the entire mixture. Make soft dough and set it aside covered with a damp cloth. Fry the khoya in cooking oil until light brown, then mix in the sugar. Add the almonds and raisins, and fry for a few more minutes.

Remove from heat and allow to cool. Make small thick chapattis out of the kneaded dough.

KHARIPUDI (Serves 4-5) Tantalise your tastebuds this Diwali with the sweetest of all dishes Ingredients 2 cups flour ' cup rice flour ' tbsp Oman seeds ' tsp turmeric powder ' tsp asafetida 2 tbsp ghee Some dry flour for dusting Fill half of the chapatti with the khoya mixture and, rolling it, seal the sides of the chapatti keeping the khoya inside it. Make the sealing look decorated by giving a look of hemming. Deep-fry these gujias until light golden brown, keeping the heat low. Take out the gujias onto a paper napki to allow the oil to soak away.

Method Mix plain flour and 1/4-cup rice flour together. Add asafetida, Omam seeds, turmeric, oil and mix it properly so as to make the dough softer. Apply ghee and roll it like a large chapatti.

Sprinkling some rice flour, roll the mixture into tight Swiss roll and cut into thick slices and keep it aside. Then heat the oil in a pan and fry the pudis till they become golden in color. Now drain and keep them aside and they are ready to serve.

Mitha Khaja (Serves 4-5) Popular Indian recipe cooked in many households at Diwali Ingredients 1' cups flour ' cup jaggery (unrefined dark sugar) 1cup water - tbsp cardamom powder 1 tbsp ghee Ghee for frying KHEER (Serves 4-5) The most common dessert among Indians prepared for major festivals and celebrations. Kheer can be made with either rice or vermicelli and the essential ingredients are supposed to be milk and sugar.

Ingredients 1 litre milk 200g rice (Soak the rice for ' hour before cooking) 2 tbsp sugar 4 green cardamom pods 10 unsalted pistachios KHOYA LADDU Diwali is the perfect time for satisfying your desires for sweets as you can find all kinds of delicious sweets all around you. Of all the khoya sweets the khoya laddu is the most famous and most appetising.

Ingredients 2 cups khoya Powdered sugar to taste 1 1/2 cups of powdered and roasted sesame seeds or til Method Firstly heat the water and jaggery until it dissolves in the water. Strain and cool it and add cardamom powder and ghee to the flour. Knead the flour with jaggery water till the dough becomes stiff. Breaking it into 24-25 parts, knead and roll it into 4'' rounds. Keep it aside so as to make it bit dry. Fry it in hot ghee until its color becomes golden. Next drain and cool it till the khajas becomes crisper. Serve it or keep it in an airtight container.

A few raisins Method Put the milk in a pan and let it boil for a few minutes. Keep the flame low. Stir the milk continuously until it becomes a little thick. Next put some sugar in the milk and stir it continuously until the sugar melts in the milk. When the milk is ready, put the rice in it and allow to boil for some time, while stirring it at intervals. When the rice is cooked, garnish it with chopped pistachio nuts, cardamoms and raisins.

Kesar, chopped almonds and pistas for decoration Method Roast the khoya on slow flame till it becomes golden yellow in colour. Allow to cool for some minutes. Now add some coarsely powdered sesame seeds to the khoya and mix it well. Add the sugar when the above mixture becomes lukewarm. Mix it well and give it a shape of small balls. Take care that the mixture should not be too hot otherwise the sugar will melt and perfect balls would not be made. Finally decorate it with kesar, almonds and pistas.
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