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GERS' BIAS CLAIM; Anti-sectarian charity treats Celts more seriously say fans.

RANGERS fans will have a showdown with an anti- sectarian charity today amid claims it is biased.

The Rangers Supporters Trust insisted on meeting Nil By Mouth officials after a string of complaints from supporters.

Trust members claimed the charity was failing to treat sectarian violence against Rangers fans as seriously as that against Celtic supporters.

Members also accused Nil By Mouth of failing to respond to complaints they had made to them.

The recently formed Supporters Trust, headed by lifelong Rangers fan Colin Glass, represents a group of more than 300 Rangers shareholders.

A spokesman for the group, whose website claims their intentions are to gain further influence in the running of Rangers, said there had been one meeting with Nil By Mouth already.

He said: "There has been a high level of concern expressed by many trust members over the neutrality of Nil By Mouth.

"And we have already held a meeting with the charity. The meeting with Nil By Mouth chairman Fred Shedden proved helpful to both organisations.

"The next stage is that the Nil By Mouth chairman will meet again with the trust board, where he will give us more details of how they work. Unlike cases in the past, we will be guaranteed a response as, following the first meeting, Nil By Mouth have now changed their policy and will reply to all non-abusive queries in future."

Last night, a spokesman for Nil By Mouth said: "We appreciate their stated anti- sectarian position, and the meeting proved to be very constructive."

Nil By Mouth was formed in 1999 by Oxford graduate Cara Henderson, a former friend of Glasgow schoolboy Mark Scott, who was murdered on his way home from a Celtic match in 1995.

The charity works alongside Rangers and Celtic to help combat sectarianism.

The Rangers Supporters Trust, which was formed this year, encourages fans to buy shares in the club, which allows them to vote at the annual general meeting.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 8, 2003
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