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 HAMBURG, Germany, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), the German news agency, announced today the appointment of a marketing agent in North America as part of an effort to expand its distribution network in the United States and Canada.
 The appointment of Marks & Frederick Associates, Inc. was announced by dpa's president, Dr. Walter Richtbert, who also disclosed plans for the German news agency to package its news in a format designed for distribution through American media organizations, including newspaper, broadcast and electronic outlets.
 Marks & Frederick Associates is headed by Ted Marks, a former senior executive at Knight-Ridder and United Press International.
 dpa is an independent news organization owned by the German media. As the leading news agency in Germany and one of the fourth major international news agencies, dpa maintains a worldwide network of nearly 100 bureaus which generate some 400,000 words of news coverage each day in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. The German news agency has particularly distinguished itself with its coverage of Germany, east and west Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. More than 2,500 newspapers, magazines, radio and TV outlets subscribe to dpa news services.
 Within Germany itself, dpa maintains a network of 70 domestic bureaus in what were formerly east and west Germany which generate detailed, comprehensive coverage of German affairs. At the time of German reunification in 1990, dpa rapidly expanded its bureau network into what was formerly east Germany by opening 17 bureaus in less than six months.
 More recently, dpa has opened new bureaus in eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics as part of a plan to develop the most comprehensive coverage of the European continent possible.
 In announcing dpa's plans to expand its distribution network in North America, Richtbert said:
 "The dramatic events of recent years are leading to a fundamental restructuring of the European continent's political and economic infrastructures. There is no better placed news organization than dpa to chronicle these unfolding events. We know the territory and the people involved, and our correspondents are on top of events as they occur."
 Of MFA's appointment as marketing agent in the United States and Canada, Richtbert said, "We look forward to working with Ted Marks in the U.S. marketplace and drawing on his expertise in the American news industry."
 Marks has extensive experience in both U.S. domestic and international news markets. At UPI, he was a division manager in Tokyo and Boston. More recently at Knight-Ridder, he was a key executive in development of their financial news networks. Marks formed MFA in 1990 as a strategic management/marketing organization to help clients expand services and deepen penetration in both the print and electronic markets.
 Marks said the dpa's news and information resources will give North American editors and readers an in-depth perspective on the dramatic events occurring on the European continent.
 "If the American public is to be well informed on events in Europe, the best source of information, bar none, is the day-to-day coverage of European affairs by Deutsche Presse-Agentur," Marks said.
 -0- 11/11/93
 /CONTACT: Jorg Schierenbeck of dpa, 49-40-4113-302, or fax, 49-40-4113-350; or Ted Marks of MFA, 718-783-0083, or 207-389-2620, or fax, 718-399-6557/

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