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GEA displayed high-end batch and continuous solutions for sausage emulsion production.

GEA Convenience Food Technologies has a long tradition in supplying the sausage industry, and are showing two of their high performance machines for preparing emulsions on their stand at Anuga FoodTec 2012 (B29 to D28 in Hall 4.1). The first is the enhanced CFS CutMaster bowl cutter, an industry benchmarks for output, reliability and performance.

Evolved from the experience and know-how of KrAmer+Grebe, this machine produces consistent quality batches of fine and coarse sausages emulsions.

The second one is the CFS EcoCut CAP 2 on the stand which is a fully automated multifunctional emulsifier, which continuously produces extremely stable emulsions with a wide range of granulation.

Batch emulsion production on the CFS CutMaster

Designed for high cutting speed, easy loading, fast unloading and automatic operation, the CFS CutMaster features the patented TopCut six-blade knife head with optimized cutting geometry to process very fine emulsions extremely quickly.

The knives are fast to install (up to 80% faster), and lightweight for safe handling during assembly and disassembly (which take only seconds). Cutting speed is up to 162 meters per second. Fine emulsions are produced using a removable sliding plate, while removing the plate enables coarser cuts without smearing. Faster unloading is facilitated by a patented step unloader that works equally well with watery, low-viscosity emulsions as it does with sticky, high-viscosity mixes.

The CFS CutMaster allows automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation using its latest version CutControl software in combination with its user-friendly touch-screen panel. CutControl stores up to 100 process sequences, making consistent output quality easier to achieve. To further enhance product consistency, there are two optional software programs: CutView to record and review the machine's performance and process parameters; and CookBook recipe management to enable users to order proven 'recipes' from a range of products. Each recipe contains data about the ingredients as well as process parameters like timing, speed settings and temperature curves. This helps sausage manufacturers get to market quickly with new products.

High bowl filling capacity

The CFS CutMaster is available with capacities of 200, 325, 500 and 750 liters. Bowl filling capacity of up to 95% (compared to 60 to 80% in comparable machines) and there is an option of a two-speed bowl drive. A vacuum-sealed bowl on the 'V' versions eliminates air inclusions in the emulsion, making for denser and more attractive products.

The vacuum also reduces the risk of jelly deposits, improves color and flavor, and extends product shelf life. A unique and patented seal between rotating bowl and static frame on the CFS CutMaster prevents the emulsion from leaking into the enclosure, further improving hygiene. The machines can be specified with optional cooking, cooling and metering functions for liquids and dry substances.

Continuous emulsion production on the CFS EcoCut

The CFS EcoCut CAP2 continuously produces sausage emulsions ranging from extremely fine to coarse. The throughput and cutting speed are easily set to accommodate a wide range of emulsion types.

It features automated knife adjustment, allowing product structure, emulsion stability and temperature increase to be carefully controlled. Vacuumizing is incorporated in the EcoCut CAP2, enhances appearance and color of sliced products, provides better weight control for stuffing and slicing, and gives the end product a better 'bite'. The TemBiVac not only removes air inclusions from an emulsion but can also distribute fine air bubbles in products for a 'homemade' appearance.
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Publication:Pakistan Food Journal
Date:Jun 30, 2012
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