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GE Security's SRT Kiosk available in Europe.


GE Security, a supplier of security and life safety technologies and a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of the General Electric Co (NYSE:GE), on Monday (8 October) announced that GE Homeland Protection's Secure Registered Traveller (SRT) Kiosk is now available in Europe.

The GE SRT Kiosk is reportedly the first integrated, or sensor-fused, aviation security product, purpose built for the Registered Traveller (RT) market, to be deployed to an airport passenger checkpoint. RT programme members identified and assessed by the SRT Kiosk can enjoy a more convenient airport experience, including potential waiver of the need to remove their shoes in many cases, GE said.

The kiosk integrates quadrupole resonance and trace (ITMS) explosives detection technologies with biometric identification functionality to create a solution built specifically to support RT programmes.

GE said that the company intends to introduce the SRT Kiosk to airport operators and security officials in Europe to explore its uses for offering frequent flyers transiting European airports more effective and more convenient security screening.

The SRT Kiosk supports the first private Registered Traveller (RT) programme lanes, at a number of airports in the US. Currently, more than 30 kiosks are deployed to seven airports across the US with further deployments planned.

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Title Annotation:Secure Registered Traveller
Publication:Airline Industry Information
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Date:Oct 9, 2007
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