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 /ADVANCE/CLEVELAND, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- GE Lighting has received a Certificate of Distinction Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Lights Program for its efforts to promote Green Lights and encourage the use of energy efficient lighting.
 The awards ceremony was held today in Washington, D.C. where Robert Sussman, EPA deputy administrator, and John Hoffman, director of the EPA's Global Change Division, presented the award. Russ Churchill, manager of the GE Lighting Institute and Worldwide Technology Standards, was on hand to accept the Certificate of Distinction Award for GE Lighting.
 EPA Green Lights is a voluntary program that encourages widespread use of energy-efficient lighting to reduce pollution. Participants include corporations, environmental groups, electric utilities and state, city and local governments. By investing in these technologies, Green Lights participants realize an average savings in lighting electricity bills of 50 percent or more. Through the use of these technologies, partners are reducing emissions of pollutants associated with global warming, acid rain and smog.
 GE Lighting was recognized for its efforts to promote the EPA's Green Lights program. The company has conducted four two-day conferences for Green Lights partners at the GE Lighting Institute in Cleveland. These conferences were conducted exclusively for representatives of Green Lights partner companies to assist them with implementing their lighting upgrades. GE Lighting waived the normal conference fee for these Green Lights conferences. Partners experience two days of targeted training at the world's foremost lighting demonstration and training facility, presented by a faculty of nationally recognized experts in lighting systems and applications.
 In addition, GE Lighting has included an overview of Green Lights in many of its conferences for distributors, contractors, specifiers, users, utilities and Demand Side Management professionals. And GE Lighting has included Green Lights information in its sales, training and educational materials.
 "GE Lighting is proud of its partnership with Green Lights and the EPA," said Russ Churchill of GE Lighting. "We have shown our support to the program not only by being an ally of Green Lights, but also by educating others about the program and the benefits of using energy efficient lighting."
 In addition to GE Lighting, MagneTek, IllumElex and Honeywell also received Certificate of Distinction Awards and Johnson Controls received the Green Lights Ally of the Year award.
 GE Lighting is a world leader in the lamp business with more than 7,000 products for consumer and commercial/industrial markets. GE Lighting manufactures a comprehensive line of lamps which include incandescent, fluorescent, quartz, high intensity discharge, halogen, decorative, miniature and holiday lighting products. In addition, GE Lighting markets quartz, lamp glass, chemical products, rechargeable batteries, wiring devices and lighting systems.
 GE Lighting, headquartered in Cleveland, has manufacturing facilities around the world to meet growing international needs and to continue its leadership role in the industry. GE Lighting is constantly developing new and innovative products, such as the Triple Biax(TM) compact fluorescent and the Halogen-IR(TM) lamps.
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