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GE Fanuc marks AC servo milestone, launches 30i CNC.

Fanuc Ltd. and its joint venture partner, GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc., have marked the milestone of reaching production of more than 5 million Fanuc AC servo motors since its introduction in 1982 with the Series S. The Fanuc AC servo motors, especially in the 1 to 5 kW sizes, are used in machine tools and industrial robots. In addition, Fanuc has experienced rapid growth in the medium to larger sized models of AC servo motors between 5 and 100 kW for injection molding machines, as well as for such new application areas as presses due to their energy-saving capabilities.

Fanuc reports that its AC servo motors are used in about 75 percent of the machine tools in Japan and 55 percent in the world. Currently, production rates are more than 40,000 units a month, or about 500,000 units a year. The AC servo motors are produced in Japan at the company's highly automated servo motor factory.

GE Fanuc Automation has introduced its new top-of-the-line Series 30i CNC, an enhanced version of the current Series 15i-MB and 16i Model B CNC boasting some the most powerful and sophisticated CPUs and internal communication bus technology available today, says the company. The Series 30i can control up to 40 independent axes and execute up to 10 independent NC part programs simultaneously. The 30i's interpolation cycle is eight times faster than the conventional interpolation cycle, delivering quicker cutting with improved accuracy, quality, and part cycle times, says GE Fanuc.

In addition, nanometer interpolation (1/1,000,000 mm) is done for all internal operations of the CNC and is performed for all machining regardless of whether the machining type is milling or turning, enabling smooth and precise motor control. The look-ahead feature is expanded to 1,000 blocks while block processing time is as fast as 0.4 ms. This timing is designed to improve the minute linear segment block processing capability required for sculptured surface machining, as well as complicated geometries for die machining.

To help companies understand the dynamics of their shop floor and identify root causes of losses in downtime, setup, speed, minor stoppages, and part yield, GE Fanuc Automation has introduced its i CEL[L.sub.OEE] shop floor software solution. The i CEL[L.sub.OEE] is an expandable, web-enabled, out-of-the-box solution built on GE Fanuc's Cimplicity HMI software development tools. The Windows-based software provides connectivity, data collection, and support for a wide range of CNCs and machining processes. The application offers graphical and tabular reporting with screens related to production and efficiency, part program management, and maintenance management. Users can access data on cycle and setup times and finished part status to pinpoint bottlenecks, evaluate machine tool productivity, and determine quality on an individual machine basis, thus improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). All information is available both locally and remotely using any standard web browser. GE Fanuc Automation,
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Comment:GE Fanuc marks AC servo milestone, launches 30i CNC.(news & analysis)(GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc.)
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Date:May 1, 2004
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