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GE Brings More Intelligent Risk Management to Market; MyAnalysis Facilitates Effective, Speedy Risk Management Decision-Making.

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Risk Insurance Management Society Conference

Booth No. 1044

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 14, 2002

GE Global Asset Protection Services is making enterprise-wide risk management possible, allowing risk managers to make strategic business decisions with greater effectiveness and speed.

GE Global Asset Protection Services is introducing substantial enhancements to MyAnalysis at the Risk Insurance Management Society (RIMS) conference in New Orleans April 14-18. The new enhancements include "Location SnapShots," graphical loss estimates, and data export functionality.

The MyAnalysis suite of online graphical analytical tools enables risk managers to "roll up" and aggregate loss prevention data, providing an enterprise-wide view of risk as well as access to location-by-location details.

"In this tough insurance environment, it's more important than ever for our customers to prove they are a good risk," said Loren Douglass, President of GE Global Asset Protection Services. "Our customers need comprehensive, timely data to effectively market their risk, as well as manage their exposures on a daily basis. MyAnalysis is the tool to meet these needs perfectly."

Through, risk managers have constant 24-7 access to loss prevention survey reports, risk summary data, and facility CAD diagrams. MyAnalysis turns this critical customer data into business intelligence, generating graphical reports, including benchmarking, recommendation summaries, and management program evaluations.

Expanded Functionality

MyAnalysis has been enhanced so risk managers can manage critical property risk information in a more sophisticated manner. New loss estimate reports provide graphical and numeric summaries of a customer's Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL), Probable Maximum Loss (PML), and Normal Loss Expectancy (NLE).

The "Location Snapshot" is a detailed report, covering an entire facility and tying together outstanding recommendations, values, loss estimates, construction, occupancy, interdependency and exposure information, all depicted on a single screen. Risk managers can view aggregate data of program ratings, for example, and then drill down to the outstanding recommendations and learn how to correct their deficiencies.

Douglass continued: "MyAnalysis puts more information at a customer's fingertips, provides the tools with which to turn that information into actionable analysis, and helps them prioritize improvements and really get a handle on their risk."

GE Global Asset Protection Services provides business continuity, loss prevention, and corporate asset management solutions to large industrial, manufacturing, services, healthcare, and utility companies. GE Global Asset Protection Services, headquartered in New York City, is a member of GE Commercial Insurance. More information on GE Global Asset Protection Services is available at

GE Commercial Insurance is one of the operating units of GE Employers Reinsurance Corporation. GE ERC is the world's fourth-largest reinsurer and a premier global provider of risk solutions. More information on ERC is available at

GE (NYSE:GE) is a diversified technology, services and manufacturing company with a commitment to achieving customer success. GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 310,000 people worldwide.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration at RIMS Booth No. 1044, contact:

Tom Mentzer, 816/512-9408,

John Novaria, 816/512-9166,

Dean Davison, 913/676-5147,
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 14, 2002
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