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GDT diversifying Dynamap street database products.

Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT), a developer of premier business geographics databases, has announced that it will diversify its line of Dynamap street databases to offer users products that are optimized for their applications.

While GDT will still offer its traditional Dynamap/2000 street network for a variety of applications, the company is also creating other Dynamap products designed for map display, routing and transportation.

"Dynamap/2000 is a very comprehensive database, and it is useful in a variety of applications," said Darrin Clement, GDT's director of product development. "We've identified some common applications of the data and created new products that will enhance the value of our data. With these new, more focused products, we're able to simplify the processing work for certain applications and save customers some post-purchase expenses."

Dynamap/Display is a premium street database designed to produce presentation quality maps on screen, on paper and over the Internet. The product includes streets, landmarks, natural and political features in more than 40 layers. The database includes only those attributes specific to the needs of quick and attractive map display. Through object chaining and thematic layering, Dynamap/Display has been optimized for quick redraw times and smaller file size. Potential users of Dynamap/Display include mapping service companies, Internet application developers and those looking for a user-friendly GIS database.

Dynamap/Display will come with an autoloader designed to simplify the data loading and set-up process. The autoloader software uses the data either directly from the CD-ROM or assists in copying selected geographies and layers to the user's hard drive. GIS specific software is provided to integrate the GIS platform with the data. The autoloader allows users to set default display styles and to open flies with menus and wizards rather than relying on file names and complex directory structures. The autoloader software is currently provided for ArcView GIS and MapInfo users.

"The autoloader makes it easy for a customer to get up and running with the data in a short time period," said Patrick Curley, the GDT product manager in charge of Dynamap/Display. Curley, who came to GDT from the former BLR Data, notes that Dynamap/Display is similar to BLR's StreetNetwork.

Two new databases under development at GDT will build upon GDT's seamless, nationwide coverage to target users with routing and transportation applications. Both Dynamap/Transportation and Dynamap/Routing will include improved ramp structures, physical turn restrictions, one-way streets and double digitized highways to improve routing functionality.

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Date:Jan 27, 1999
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