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Etak, The Digital Map Company Ltd., Menlo Park, Calif., a worldwide publisher of digital maps and navigation technology, has announced that its nationwide map database for turn-by- turn navigation of Great Britain is now offered in Geographic Data Files (GDF) 3.0 format.

GDF, the data interchange standard adapted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), is used to describe and transfer road networks and road-related data. The format defines how to represent data as well as how features, attributes and relations on the map are defined.

The primary use of GDF is for automotive navigation systems, but it can be applied to transport and traffic applications, including fleet, dispatch and traffic management, traffic analysis and automatic vehicle locations.

"The most exciting benefit of GDF," according to Nicolas Babin, managing director of Etak's European operations, "is that data is more easily transferable among products and systems."

EtakMap GB, the only turn-by-turn map database covering the whole of Great Britain, includes regular updates, enhancements and expansions. The Great Britain database has been available in MapAccess format for more than a year.

"In creating this database nearly three years ago, Etak has succeeded in eliminating one of the major obstacles in the development of the vehicle navigation market in Great Britain," said Babin. "By continually updating the database -- and now offering it in the GDF format -- Etak is further demonstrating its commitment to quality, comprehensive coverage and to standards that advance and enable sophisticated navigation and location-based applications and services.

"It also means that the Etak database can now be used in a much wider variety of applications, products and services."

Etak's Great Britain database includes drive restriction information such as no-entry streets, one-way systems, no-right and left turn signs as well as other access restrictions required for navigation systems to provide drivers with highly accurate, easy-to-understand, turn-by-turn instructions.

Every single class of road throughout mainland Great Britain is included in the Etak map data, in addition to street network coverage of metropolitan areas.

As well as the obvious cartographic features such as roads, parks, landmarks and water sites, EtakMap GB also includes those important and invaluable points of interest needed when driving, such as gas stations, ATM machines and public transportation facilities. The Etak database contains more than 70,000 such points of interest.

Etak, The Digital Map Company Limited, is the premier publisher of location-based technology and digital maps for in-vehicle information systems, mobile traveler information systems, real-time traffic services, utility damage prevention and commercial business geographics markets. Etak maps cover the United States and mainland Great Britain. Etak technology and maps are used within various Web sites, in a wide range of routing and location-based services and on PCs and hand-held devices for applications in the home, office or car.

Etak is a unit of the Sony Group. More information about Etak products and services in the United States is available by contacting Etak Inc., 1605 Adams Drive, Menlo Park, Calif. 94025. Telephone: 800/765-0555. E-mail: Internet: Information about Etak, The Digital Map Company Ltd., is available at 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8JB. Telephone: 0181-324-5300. E-mail:
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