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GDC's Secure Access Provides Protection Against Malicious or Unauthorized Tampering of Analog Networks.

NAUGATUCK, Conn. -- General DataComm, Inc. (GNRD) announces the addition of Secure Access to its family of V.34 modems. GDC's new Secure Access Modem (SAM) now provides User Authentication and AES Data Encryption protection from malicious or unauthorized users on network equipment connected via the PSTN.

The Secure Access Modem (SAM) and Secure Access Control System (SAC) have been a collaborative development between General DataComm Inc. of Naugatuck, CT, Bell Canada, and SecureNex Systems of Ottawa, Ontario Canada for secure out-of-band management of network equipment. In a SAC system, GDC's family of NEBS Level III Certified, SpectraComm V.34 Modems integrate seamlessly with SecureNex Systems, Secure Access Servers and Client software. GDC's AES encryption and authentication capable SAM modems enable secure access to local and remote network equipment via a dial-up connection, thereby addressing any data security exposure.

"GDC's Secure Access Modem offers our customers in the U. S. and Canada a higher level of network security," said George Best, vice president sales and marketing at General DataComm. "GDC SpectraComm V.34 modems equipped with the Secure Access Modem option deliver added protection for corporate and personal information and provided the highest level of modem security available today."

The Secure Access Modem (SAM) in conjunction with a Secure Access Controller (SAC) , authenticates remote users attempting to access protected network equipment, such as switches, routers and multiplexers. The Authentication Server generates public and private keys, which are exchanged by the modem and remote user's client software. Each connection sets up a secure tunnel that passes AES-Encrypted data to the authorized user. When a user terminates a session, the Secure Access Modem requests a connection to the authentication Server to obtain a new private key, thus preventing further access from the previous remote user or intruder.

General DataComm has been designing rigorous security solutions into its systems and products for over 30 years to meet the mandatory requirements for mission-critical network access applications used by service providers, enterprise users, and government agencies.

GDC's new Secure Access Modem feature is available now. Customers who already have SpectraComm V.34 modems in their networks can purchase a Secure Access Modem firmware upgrade.

About General DataComm

General DataComm, Inc., (GDC) headquartered in Naugatuck, CT, is known as one of the world's most innovative providers of secure, NEBS-compliant networking for telcos, governments and businesses. Its solutions help customers to bridge technologies, maximize their investments in existing voice and data networks, and transition to the newest network architectures. GDC's broad product offerings enable legacy and DSL network access; bandwidth management, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), voice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet, power over Ethernet (PoE), and wireless networking and are supported by services for network installation, maintenance, operations, repair, enterprise security management and complete network outsourcing.

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Date:May 9, 2006
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