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GCR founder unveils doctrine of salespreneurship.

Owning a home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, dream of Juan de la Cruz.

When he retired from his job as public affairs manager of Pag-IBIG Fund, Gabriel 'Billy' Dominguez carried the same passion when he embarked on a new path to establish Green Circle Realty (GCR).

'Having your own home is the ultimate Filipino dream. And with the help of our dedicated and hardworking salespreneurs, GCR looks forward to helping more of our kababayans reach that dream,' Dominguez said in a recent interview held at the Tower Club in Makati City.

He put up GCR 13 years ago and introduced the concept of salespreneurship. As president of GCR, Dominguez used salespreneurship to enable him to fulfill his two-pronged mission of wanting to help middle-and-above-middle-income earners acquire affordable, quality homes and providing income opportunities to people who want to upgrade their lifestyles.

According to Dominguez, salespreneurship combines creative salesmanship and innovative entrepreneurship. It challenges the traditional sales agent mindset that is limited to setting sales quota and short-term goals. For salespreneurs, it goes beyond just selling a product or service by creating value for what they have to offer. At GCR, Dominguez inculcates to his salespeople that they don't just sell homes but also play a big part in the company's noble vision to help thousands of families dreaming of having their own home.

Creative financing

Through the years, GCR has remained focused in providing access to affordable, quality housing, particularly to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), ordinary workers, starting families and business owners. It has been the leading and most trusted sales network of ProFriends and its flagship project, Lancaster New City.

In an emerging market like the Philippines, acquiring a home can be a herculean undertaking. As a response, GCR crafted some measures to make homeownership more affordable through flexible and creative financing schemes.

'With our payment terms, owning a house and lot ranging from P1.5 million-P1.6 million is made more pocket-friendly by having the usually 30-percent down payment scaled down to only 12.5 percent, or about P12,000, for 12 to 15 months. This way, there is no initial jolt to their finances,' he explained.

This also allows homebuyers to avail themselves of shorter loan terms and save on interests as they pay the monthly amortization and start earning better income. To make homebuying more interesting and attractive especially to the growing young professionals and millennial market, Dominguez explained that salespreneurs can zero in on the amount of two cups of today's favorite signature coffee, or milk tea, is already equivalent amount to the daily payment for a three-bedroom townhouse.

'I always tell our salespeople that we are given the opportunity to educate not only our buyers but other people in general about home investment. We are in the position not only to tap our target market's purchasing power but also to guide them on how to properly invest their hard-earned money.'


IF people want to join GCR, Dominguez said they should be goal-oriented.

'Our basic requirements for those who want to join GCR is that they should be goal-driven, results-oriented and with willingness to serve. Since we don't offer basic pay, or allowances, we are able to gauge those who have the potential to make it big in an opportunity-based profession,' he explained. 'We also see those who are committed to partner with us in fulfilling our mission to help more people have access to affordable homeownership.'

GCR also conducts regular training and professional development programs to ensure that aspiring salespreneurs can excel in the competitive arena of realty selling. It is also part of the transformation process of starting as ordinary sales agents to becoming empowered salespreneurs.

He asserts that salespreneurship is not rocket science and can be adapted even by people who do not have a background in sales, or business management. The most important part is about having the heart of a salesman who believes in the product or service he offers, combined seamlessly with an entrepreneur's mindset whose goal is to convert his hard work into profit or revenue.

'It makes me sad seeing salespeople who have the opportunity to earn well, but they end up not financially wealthy. We also see some businessmen who started well but failed in the end. This is all about lack of salespreneurship. All salespeople must learn how to be entrepreneurial while entrepreneurs must be able to practice salesmanship at all times. These two disciplines are inseparable. Combined consistently and beautifully, they will make any sales and business endeavor a tremendous success,' he shared.

With its stellar record in developing its salespeople to become some of the most successful real-estate salespreneurs, Dominguez has earned him the monicker 'Master Salespreneur,' not only from his peers in the realty business but from other industries, as well.

Spread the word

Although GCR is enjoying the success under his leadership, Dominguez is not resting on his laurels and is set to take on more challenges ahead. Moreover, he hopes to reach out to other industries that will benefit from learning the tenets of salespreneurship and to share his advocacy to more enterprising Filipinos.

'I believe salespreneurship has truly come of age. It is no longer exclusive to salespeople and business people. It can be a major success factor for employees, too. For sure, employers would love to have people in their employ who are consistently selling the company and work as if they are co-owners of the company. The Filipino term malasakit describes this aptly. Even students must be taught about salespreneurship at their young age to prepare them for the real world. This is the direction that I want to pursue-to focus on advocating salespreneurship as a discipline that would eventually create a significant impact in the business sector, and in the personal lives of more people as well,' he said.
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Publication:Business Mirror (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jul 24, 2019
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