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GC system supports range of applications.

Booth 2557, 3802. GenTech's Master Gas Chromatograph decreases sample run times in a range of GC applications. Its modular design offers a high degree of flexibility and upgradeability, and easily supports an array of custom configurations. Up to three injection units and three detectors can be mounted simultaneously, and an intuitive touchscreen interface controls both GC and autosampler. Highly configurable and communicative, proprietary Master HPLC instruments provide reliable separation solutions for routine tasks, as well as for special applications such as GPC cleanup or purification of valuable products. Master Turn-Key Analyzers are pre-configured, pre-assembled and factory-tested for specific, dedicated analyses. The GC systems offer accuracy, sensitivity, flexibility and ease-of-use to help increase productivity and control costs. GenTech Scientific, Inc., 585-492-1068

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Title Annotation:Product News
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Feb 1, 2014
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