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GBA-4 by-elections.

Byline: ZAHID ALI NAGRI-Nagar Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly-4 by-elections will be conducted on August 8, 2021. During the recent GB elections in this aforementioned constituency, both the candidates of PPP and ITP were disqualified due to being defaulters, at the eleventh hour of polls

. Now, while by-elections are just around the corner, a customary political charade of changing loyalties and switching parties for the greed of ministries is at its peak.

Chief Minister GB (PTI), himself, is influencing these elections by announcing-or more accurately, proclaiming-various projects and funds to lure populace, thereby sending an impression that since PTI is ruling at centre, only a candidate from this very party can avail funds for the regions.

This deep-entrenched mindset that a candidate's success from party ruling in Islamabad can only bring about change and achieve funds for the region, isn't new.

Such political manoeuvring has been used in almost every GB election-or most probably in AJK too; the recent AJK elections are vividly evident.

This is totally non-democratic because such political shenanigans deeply influence free and fair elections and don't reflect the democratic way of electioneering.

These instrumental tactics alter the results of elections, as people of the region are obliged to vote for the candidate of ruling party with an optimism of progress.

They fall in trap of federal ministers and CM-belong to ruling party- that they will guarantee to salvage them of abject poverty and inflation since govt in centre is theirs.

These are not elections in its meaningful form enshrined in our Constitution. Nor they reflect a genuine will of majority.

Therefore, it's high time the concerned authorities and democratic or parliamentary institutions took the matter as a grave concern and threat for a real democracy.

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Author:ZAHID ALI NAGRI-Nagar Gilgit-Baltistan
Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 4, 2021
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