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The chat show may be dead but at least it had a good innings - Michael Parkinson, Terry Wogan and Michael Aspel all batted for a decade.

The spoof chat show, on the other hand, is already dead on its feet and it has only been going five minutes.

First there was Steve Coogan, who introduced us to Alan Partridge. He was followed by Caroline Aherne and gasbag granny Mrs Merton.

The latest to come along is Brenda Gilhooly as Page Three stunner Gayle Tuesday in Gayle's World (ITV). The only thing that prevents her from falling flat on her face is her DD bust.

The guest lists for Parky, Wogan and Aspel read like a Who's Who? of Hollywood.

Gayle's World is full of has-beens who are so desperate to get back in the limelight they don't mind making fools of themselves.

First up was gender-bender Boy George, who used to sing with Culture Club but now appears to model everything from odd clothes to lip gloss.

He walked on in a purple topper and a powder-blue frock coat and looked as if he had lost his way to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Instead of Alice In Wonderland he got Gayle as an Agony Aunt and looked suitably embarrassed as she took a call from Elaine from High Wycombe, who said she was suffering clinical depression.

I was beginning to wonder if I was starting to suffer from the same complaint.

Michael Winner, who must have a death wish, was the second so-called celebrity to make an appearance.

The excuse was a silly sketch in which the topless model took the movie mogul out to dinner in a bid to interest him in her saucy film script which involved more than a little nudity.

"I don't think I could be involved in bum work," protested Michael. I'm surprised he could keep a straight face.

The final blast from the past was Sam Fox, who really did shoot to fame taking her clothes off for Page Three.

She put them on again to become a singer and kept well covered up to join Gayle in a tribute to Oasis.

They sang Don't Look Back In Anger, which gave the chat show hostess with the most front a chance to show off her ample cleavage.

The cameraman was lucky not to get swallowed up. That's Gayle's World - and Gayle is welcome to it.

From the ridiculous to the sublime with Friends (C4), the thinking viewers' comedy from the other side of the Atlantic, which is thankfully being shown again.

There is far more to the series about six glamorous twenty-somethings who share a flat in New York than Jennifer Aniston's famous hairdo.

It packs more witty one-liners into a single episode than most British comedies manage in an entire series.

In last night's repeat there was the shocking spectacle of stunning Jennifer as rich Ruth attending her ex-fiance's wedding in a pink frock she carelessly tucked into her nickers when she visited the loo.

Not to mention Matt LeBlanc as hunky actor Joey, desperate to practise kissing a man for an audition to play a gay. It's one way of finding out who your friends are.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Purnell, Tony
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 19, 1997
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