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GAY McMAFIA POCKETED FIRE SCOT'S pounds 250k; Libel case told of `will'.


TWO Scots involved in Thailand's notorious sex industry robbed another Scot of pounds 250,000, a court heard yesterday.

Journalist Andrew Drummond said hotel owner James Lumsden and his partner Gordon May collected the cash after Iain MacDonald died on a hotel room blaze.

He also claimed that a will allegedly written by Mr MacDonald, who was a former pupil at exclusive Fettes College in Edinburgh, was a fake.

Drummond told the court in Pattaya, Thailand, that May received a copy of the will the day before Mr MacDonald's death.

Lumsden is suing Drummond for libel over a story about his dealings with a Yorkshire businessman.

May and Lumsden own a string of sex clubs and are known as the Gay McMafia.

Drummond, 52, entered a defence of truth and public interest.

His story appeared in the Bangkok Post and the Sunday Mail in May 2001. Lumsden has not sued in the UK.

Bangkok-based Drummond said he went to Inverness to talk to Mr MacDonald's parents after he heard that they were suspicious about their son's death.

The family showed him a will sent from Thailand, which was witnessed by Lumsden and May and left everything to a Thai man named Supan Kampanya.

Drummond said: "This will is a fake. It was made up in the office of Thai lawyer Prempreecha Dibbayawan - who is also a shareholder and director of May and Lumsden's gay business empire.

"I found the Thai man Supan and he told me he got nothing. He said he was just May's boyfriend."

Drummond added: "This will was just made up to explain to the family what happened to Iain's cash from the family estate.

"This will was made to cover up their embezzlement."

The court also heard from businessman Kevin Quill, the subject of the story that sparked the libel suit.

Quill, from Halifax, told how he invested more than pounds 300,000 in a project put forward by Lumsden and May.

But when he started to ask questions, he found himself suddenly arrested on drugs charges, his computers were wiped of his financial records, and his assets seized.

He was later sentenced to six years for possessing 100 methamphetamine tablets and is appealing against conviction.

He claims he was framed by Lumsden and May along with a corrupt Thai policeman.

The libel case was adjourned until September 30 for a judgment.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 30, 2003
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