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GAS President's comments and report from the Academy Council.


The Georgia Academy of Science Constitution and Web Page emphasize that the purpose of the Academy is to promote the interests of science education and to foster the promotion of scientific research in the State of Georgia. To achieve this purpose we sponsor and hold scientific meetings every year. In March of 2007 we held a very successful annual meeting at Albany State University. I must thank Dr. Everette J. Freeman, President of Albany State University; Tom Manning, Past President of The Georgia Academy of Science; Dr. K.C. Chan, Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences at Albany State University; Mr. Steve Whittle of Augusta State University, Technical Program Chair of the Georgia Academy of Science; and Dr. John Aliff of Georgia Perimeter College, Editor of the Georgia Journal of Science, for this very positive and productive meeting. There 131 papers and poster presentations by undergraduate students, graduate students and Academy members.

This year is going to be a very exciting year for the Academy. We are going to have our first joint meeting with the Florida Academy of Science at Jacksonville University on March 14 and 15, 2008. Tom Manning and I attended the Florida Academy of Science this year and began to work with their Academy Officers to start the process of organizing the joint meeting.

To better meet our state goals, The Academy has some challenges ahead. First, we must lend our support to our affiliate the Georgia Junior Academy of Science. Some offices on the executive committee have been vacant for several years and, although events have been planned and broadly advertised, the low number of responses have forced the GJAS to cancel events. There are several dedicated leaders of this organization, and they need our help. We must support our affiliate by volunteering to participate in their leadership or help recruit participation in this very valuable and worthwhile organization. If we do not support the junior academy, we need not decry the quality of students entering our post-secondary institutions.

Second, we need to strengthen our academy by increasing the breadth of our membership. We need to recruit our undergraduate students to get involved with projects that can be presented at the academy meeting. We need to encourage investigators at both private and public post-secondary institutions to promote undergraduate and graduate research presentations to our Academy with the possibility of publication in the Georgia Journal of Science. These same investigators need to know that our refereed journal is published four times each year with statewide and national distribution.

Third and finally, I believe that we need to strengthen our academy organization and continuity by increasing the tenure of office of the Executive Council officers, Section Officers, and assigned committees from one to two years. This increase in tenure would lead to the more efficient completion of the goals of each of these officers. This proposed change will require approval by the Executive Council, and the Academy members will have to vote at the annual meeting in March to approve these changes in order to amend the GAS Constitution and By-Laws.

Please communicate to me or any of our Academy officers your concerns or suggestions to improve our academy in order to meet its described goals or to meet your academic and scientific needs.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob McDonough


The Georgia Academy of Science
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Author:McDonough, Bob
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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