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GARVAGHY BAN FOR ORANGEMEN; Ruling today on Drumcree.

THE Parades Commission will today reroute Sunday's Drumcree march, a leading Orangeman said last night.

County Armagh Grand Master Denis Watson said: "Hopefully the Parades Commission's decision will be in our favour but the signals coming over the last few days indicate it will probably be a no."

Orangemen have applied to walk along the Garvaghy Road next Sunday and the following Sunday despite opposition from nationalist residents.

The Orange Order has been banned marching down the road since 1998 and it is likely they will be rerouted again today.

A spokesman for the Parades Commission last night said: "The Commission does not have the power to ban a parade, it can only impose conditions which have to be announced five days before the march.

"The decision will be made public after it has been delivered to the organisers and those protesting against the parade.

"As it is a quasi-judicial body I cannot make any predictions about what the outcome will be."

Yesterday, an Orange Order parade on Belfast's Ormeau Road passed off peacefully after it was rerouted away from nationalist residents.

Meanwhile, First Minister David Trimble, on a tour of the Middle East, has said that conflict zones throughout the world could learn from Northern Ireland.

He told a conference in the Palestinian city of Gaza that the peace process could hold vital clues for regions where disputes over national allegiance had led to violence.

Addressing an audience which included Palestinian president Yasser Arafat, he said: "Two years after the Belfast Agreement was signed it is still perhaps too early to guarantee that it has fully worked."

Mr Trimble later had a one-hour meeting with Mr Arafat.

Afterwards, he said: "Each of us was aware that a key ingredient in moving forward is the creation of trust.

"Each of us was aware also that, although the way ahead has presented frequent difficulties, the prize of peace and the primacy of democratic politics remain key objectives in the search for a settlement.

"It would be wrong to try to draw exact parallels between the conflict in Northern Ireland and that which has afflicted the Middle East for so long but we were both in agreement that current events have opened a an opportunity for both countries which should not be ignored."
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Author:Nuwar, Sara
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2000
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