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GARDENING: things to do.

As new growths appear on climbing roses, tie-in loosely to avoid wind damage.

Watch for a late frost, which can kill newly-planted half-hardy annuals and tender vegetable plants.

Apply mulches to reduce moisture loss and suppress weeds.

Hoe out weeds while they are still young.

Harvest globe artichokes, above, before they begin to flower.

Apply a top dressing to indoor cucumbers as their roots grow through the compost.

Sow seeds of swedes to provide a crop from October to March.

Cut off the faded blooms of lupins as they pass out of flower to encourage a second flush of flowers.

Cut back rock plants after flowering and trim trailing and invasive plants in the rock garden.

Deadhead roses to encourage repeat flowering.

Clip fast-growing established hedges such as privet.

Continue to add support to herbaceous perennials.

Pinch out the shoot tips on summer bedding.

Mark bulb clumps if you are planning to do any planting later in the year, so that you don't inadvertently dig them up later on.

Give cranesbill geraniums a haircut when they have finished flowering to keep them compact and encourage a second flush of flowers.

Thin out fruits on apples, below, pears and plums.
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Date:Jun 21, 2008
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