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GARDEN STYLE THE GREAT OUTDOORS; Stylish outdoor furniture is all part of the fun of summer entertaining, says Jo Ind.

Byline: Jo Ind

It's the time of year when we like to fantasise that we have long, lazy days ahead of us. We fondly imagine that we have sunlit mornings, happy afternoons and magical twilights in which to amble, laze and entertain in our gardens.

The reality is that there are only about two or three days in the year in which the time, the weather and the friends all come together to create sun-drenched homey happiness.

But when it does it creates a memory to cherish, a memory that teases us into believing that all our summers are made of this.

At such moments having the right furniture enhances the carefree mood.

Gone are the days when all we had in the garden was a plain, wooden park bench - though that has its charm.

Now there is plenty of choice in outdoor furniture and much of it is plenty of fun.

The summer is coming. Prepare to enjoy.

1: Georgian wooden bench - pounds 389; wooden table - pounds 399; picnic rug - pounds 10; glasses - pounds 5.50; tray - pounds 25 from Rackhams

2: Rattan chair - pounds 299; footstool - pounds 119; table - pounds 99 from Rackhams.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 16, 2001
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