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GAO reports.

The following Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports may be downloaded from the GAO Web site at <>.

Government Operations

Results-Oriented Government: Practices That Can Help Enhance and Sustain Collaboration among Federal Agencies, GAO-06-15, Oct. 21, 2005

Federal Real Property: Reliance on Costly Leasing to Meet New Space Needs Is an Ongoing Problem, GAO-06-136T, Oct. 6, 2005

Human Capital: Preliminary Observations on the Administration's Draft Proposed "Working for America Act," GAO-06-142T, Oct. 5, 2005

Agency Telework Methodologies: Departments of Commerce, Justice, State, the Small Business Administration, and the Securities and Exchange Commission, GAO-05-1055R, September 27, 2005

Human Capital: Designing and Managing Market-Based and More Performance-Oriented Pay Systems, GAO-05-1048T, Sept. 27, 2005

Improvements Needed to the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation, GAO-05-960R, Sept. 27, 2005

Managing For Results: Enhancing Agency Use of Performance Information for Management Decision Making, GAO-05-927, Sept. 9, 2005

Framework for Assessing the Acquisition Function at Federal Agencies, GAO-05-218G, Sept. 1, 2005

Federal Procurement: Additional Data Reporting Could Improve the Suspension and Debarment Process, GAO-05-479, July 29, 2005

Interagency Contracting: Franchise Funds Provide Convenience, but Value to DoD is Not Demonstrated, GAO-05-456, July 29, 2005

Human Capital: Symposium on Designing and Managing Market-Based and More Performance-Oriented Pay Systems, GAO-05-832SP, July 27, 2005

Contract Management: Opportunities Continue for GSA to Improve Pricing of Multiple Award Schedules Contracts, GAO-05-911T, July 26, 2005

Federal Contracting: Share-in-Savings Initiative Not Yet Tested, GAO-05-736, July 26, 2005

21st Century Challenges: Transforming Government to Meet Current and Emerging Challenges, GAO-05-830T, July 13, 2005

National Defense

Information Security: The Defense Logistics Agency Needs to Fully Implement Its Security Program, GAO-06-31, Oct. 7, 2005

DoD's High-Risk Areas: High-Level Commitment and Oversight Needed for DoD Supply Chain Plan to Succeed, GAO-06-113T, Oct. 6, 2005

Defense Transportation: Air Mobility Command Needs to Collect and Analyze Better Data to Assess Aircraft Utilization, GAO-05-819, Sept. 29, 2005

DoD Business Transformation: Preliminary Observations on the Defense Travel System, GAO-05-998T, Sept. 29, 2005

Force Structure: Actions Needed to Improve Estimates and Oversight of Costs for Transforming Army to a Modular Force, GAO-05-926, Sept. 29, 2005

Global War on Terrorism: DoD Should Consider All Funds Requested for the War When Determining Needs and Covering Expenses, GAO-05-767, Sept. 28, 2005

Briefing on DoD's Report on Commercial Communications Satellite Services Procurement Process, GAO-05-1019R, Sept. 27, 2005

Defense Procurement: Air Force Did Not Fully Evaluate Options in Waiving Berry Amendment for Selected Aircraft, GAO-05-957, Sept. 23, 2005

Global War on Terrorism: DoD Needs to Improve the Reliability of Cost Data and Provide Additional Guidance to Control Costs, GAO-05-882, Sept. 21, 2005

Defense Transportation: Opportunities Exist to Enhance the Credibility of the Current and Future Mobility Capabilities Studies, GAO-05-659R, Sept. 14, 2005

Defense Logistics: Better Strategic Planning Can Help Ensure DoD's Successful Implementation of Passive Radio Frequency Identification, GAO-05-345, Sept. 12, 2005

Defense Management: DoD Needs to Demonstrate That Performance-Based Logistics Contracts Are Achieving Expected Benefits, GAO-05-966, Sept. 9, 2005

Radiological Sources in Iraq: DoD Should Evaluate Its Source Recovery Effort and Apply Lessons Learned to Future Recovery Missions, GAO-05-672, Sept. 7, 2005

Defense Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Ensure Adequate Funding for Operation and Sustainment of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, GAO-05-817, Sept. 6, 2005

Defense Logistics: Better Management and Oversight of Prepositioning Programs Needed to Reduce Risk and Improve Future Programs, GAO-05-427, Sept. 6, 2005

Defense Management: Munitions Requirements and Combatant Commander's Needs Still Require Linkage, GAO-05-765R, Aug. 12, 2005

Defense Logistics: DoD Has Begun to Improve Supply Distribution Operations, but Further Actions Are Needed to Sustain These Efforts, GAO-05-775, Aug. 11, 2005

Military Transformation: Actions Needed by DoD to More Clearly Identify New Triad Spending and Develop a Long-term Investment Approach, GAO-05-962R, Aug. 4, 2005

Department of Defense's Assessment Addresses Congressional Concerns but Lacks Detail on High Energy Laser Transition Plans, GAO-05-933R, July 28, 2005

Defense Ammunition: DoD Meeting Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition Needs, but Additional Actions Are Necessary, GAO-05-687, July 27, 2005

DoD Business Systems Modernization: Longstanding Weaknesses in Enterprise Architecture Development Need to Be Addressed, GAO-05-702, July 22, 2005

Defense Acquisitions: Progress and Challenges Facing the DD(X) Surface Combatant Program, GAO-05-924T, July 19, 2005

Industrial Security: DoD Cannot Ensure Its Oversight of Contractors under Foreign Influence Is Sufficient, GAO-05-681, July 15, 2005

Financial Management

Understanding the Primary Components of the Annual Financial Report of the United States Government, GAO-05-958SP, Oct. 1, 2005
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