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WARHAMMER ONLINE: AGE OF RECKONING, PC, Electronic Arts, pounds 29.99 (plus pounds 10 monthly subscription)

VERDICT: *****

IN THE land of fantasy battles, the good races are, as usual under siege from a host of nasties.

The Orks are battering dwarven strongholds in the World's Edge Mountains, a plague inspired by the forces of Chaos ravages the human Empire and all seems at risk.

Yes it's the long awaited revamp of Warhammer Online, called the Age of Reckoning which has finally been released.

It gets off to something of a slow start, but once you've been on for a couple of hours then everything will make sense - and you'll be hooked.

You can play as a character from either side, taking part in sieges and sacking cities.

Some people have complained about the slow pace, with levelling up taking longer, but in my opinion this leads to more enjoyment, you explore new abilities properly before moving onto the next level too quickly.

Finally it looks great and runs pretty well on medium machines - all in all a must for fantasy rpg fans.

TNA IMPACT!, XBox 360, Midway, pounds 39.99

VERDICT: *****

THERE are quite a few wrestling games on the market - and many have been subject to years of updated releases.

This means that they have evolved into something far more than an initial release, honed and through feedback improved.

TNA Impact is the new lycra-clad huge sweaty bloke on the block and, it has to be said, is far better than anticipated.

According to the blurb that came with the game, TNA is geared towards a quick paced, highimpact style of play. Which is, as any gamer will tell you, a completely different way of approaching wrestling titles and a brave decision they should be applauded for.

I'm being sarcastic, of course, and it's fair to say TNA doesn't feel all that different to any other wrestling game ever created.

The best way to play is with a group of friends, because the tag team element doesn't work all that well with the computer controlling your team mate.

It's good fun without offering anything really new, and well worth a look for wrestling fans.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 11, 2008
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