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Byline: Bob Low

Nintendo N64ZELDA: MAJORA'S MASKFORGET the super-duper - but unavailable to 90 per cent of the population - PlayStation 2. Nintendo N64, with perfect timing, launched a legend back on to the N64 and look like stealing Sony's game thunder.

You've all had this a week, so you should be well and truly enthralled - and stuck - in the tale of Majora's Mask, key to preventing a grinning, skull-like moon, made even more ominous by its blood-red hue, from falling on the world.

No matter where the hero, Link, travels, that grinning moon serves to remind him - and all those playing - that you have three days' worth of game time to succeed.

Happily, the famed Ocarina of Time, from the last Zelda adventure, lets you zip forwards and backwards in time, extending your three days considerably.

It is also confusing ... there are doors that only open at certain specific times, events that occur precisely on the dot. Getting there punctually is a nightmare.

Mask embraces the elegant engine that powered The Ocarina of Time. It is, quite simply, superb and part of the charm of the Zelda series is that, in moments, all the analog control, intuitive battle system and camera system become an afterthought, letting you concentrate on The Quest.

Largely unchanged from its predecessor, Mask's addition of time as an ever-pressing matter adds a huge dose of tension.

Save for when the game is paused, the clock is always running - and Nintendo have tampered with the game's save system so that players will not be able to save their progress at will. No doubt the creators thought this was a winner, especially in light of the game's frantic pace and your impending doom, but it's frustrating and, without a doubt, the game's one real weak spot.

Great graphics (where's your PSX2 noo, then?) and solid gameplay, result in grand races to run, puzzles to solve, ocarina tunes to master, palace guards to avoid, palace guards to avoid,monkeys to free and ace fun to be had.

Simply, a superb game .. but any more details will just spoil the overall enjoyment.The Sisko kid-on

DEEP SPACE NINE: THE FALLENPC CD ROMFOR those of you who haven't been following the development of Deep Space Nine, it is an Unreal-engined, third-person-perspective game based on the Star Trek TV series.

Developed by The Collective - resistance to this series is futile - it is a bold attempt at kidding-on that the TV series has become interactive and that you can take Sisko, Dax, Dr Bashir, Chief O'Brien and all and make them dance to your tune.

The tune for this particular dance concerns the Pah-wraiths, a race of exiled, all-powerful aliens on the verge of returning. The keys to unleashing and harnessing their power are three archaic Red Orbs

The race to find the Orbs is on between you - playing as either Captain Sisko, Major Kira, or Lt. Commander Worf - and a host of opposing forces who want to dominate Alpha Quadrant.

So far, so predictable - that storyline would be lasered to bits in any other game, but seems totally natural in the Star Trek universe.

It's played in a series of missions, starting with you and an ensign beaming down to the USS Ulysses crash site, ready to find any survivors and get off the planet

Doesn't sound too bad? Stick around - mayhem assured.

As we've come to expect from any game with the Unreal engine, the visuals are quite impressive. There are meteors burning up in the planet's atmosphere, even lightning blasting down from the heavens, while the character animations are excellent - a swimming Sisko is a sight to behold.

The enemy AI was the usual - about as clever as your average chimp, or George Bush. On second thoughts, probably smarter than George. They are also balanced - the littler ones are fast, but an easy kill, while the Big Nasties With Teeth are slow and tough.

Another rarity in the endless Star Trek series ... a game worth playing. RATING 7/10

FIFA 2001 PlayStation

WHEN you compare EA Sports' FIFA 2000 to FIFA 2001, you find the only similarities are the fact that 22 guys play on a pitch.

Simply put, FIFA 2001 is a whole new ballgame and even if Ronald De Boer is complaining about being in it, no-one else is.

The pace of this is more realistic, thanks to the fact that you can finally choose to slow things down. The series has needed a "slow" game speed setting for years and its effect is immediately noticeable.

The pitch itself is much larger, too, giving you more space to set up plays and survey the landscape before committing to a maneuver.

The fast-and-furious pinball play of years past is replaced with something more studied. It's not an exact replica, but it's the most realistic portrayal so far - and it's on the PS2, as well.

The defensive AI is very tight. Last year, it was fairly easy to weave through the computer defenders and it takes a highly-skilled striker to take on more than one defender and come out unscathed.

It's simply the toughest FIFA game to date and even veterans of the series (me, for example) may have trouble adjusting at first.

Personally, I liked the pinball-style, fast-and furious version. It meant you could come home from the pub with your mates, a kebab and a carry-out and still take Man U to the finals.

Now you can have your chance to see what De Boer is banging on about - we have three copies of FIFA 2001 to give away for the PlayStation, together with a snazzy fleece.

All you have to do is tell us who makes the FIFA series.

To have a chance of winning, call our hotline on 0901 563 8203 and leave your answer, along with your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Calls cost 60p per minute at all times. Lines close on Wednesday, December 6 at noon.

Normal Daily Record rules apply. The editor's decision is final. RATING 7/10

SO you've got Zelda: Majora's Mask. Enjoy it, because Nintendo's software delays mean you have a long time to wait. Here's the list.

February - Pokemon Puzzle League

March - Banjo Tooie

April - Paper Mario

June - Excitebike 64

July - Kirby 64

September - Conker's Bad Fur Day

October - Pokemon Stadium 2

November - Mario Party 3




AFTER you die and are back in the town without all your equipment, press alt-tab to go out of the game and then press ctrl-alt-del and shut the game down. When you go back in to the game, your body will be just south of your starting point. You will have to go and kill all the monsters again but at least you'll have your weapons.



THE following codes are typed during gameplay after pressing T:

MPDRDENTZ - Full Health

MPGOATTECH - All Weapon Upgrades



MPMAPHOLE - Complete Mission

MPMIKED - Exit Game

MPPOS - Toggle Position Display

MPROSEBUD - Spawn Snowtruck






INVINCIBILITY - Quickly type alakazam when "Press Jump" appears at the first screen.

PLAY IN SLOW MOTION - Press F2 to Pause. (Be sure CONTINUE remains highlighted.) Press and Hold the ENTER key. Each time you release and hold the ENTER key the game will advance one frame. You can still control Buzz by using the arrow keys, etc. You will have to continue to hold these keys down as you advance using the ENTER key. This trick is especially helpful in getting the Slinky Challenge token in the "Tarmac Trouble" level, as well as other timed tokens, since the game clock is in reference to the game and not real time.



BATTERY LOCATIONS - Start gameplay on the "Bombs Away" level and move all the way to the left to find a battery. Then, move all the way to the right to find another one. There are four batteries, one in each corner.

DEFEATING THE JACKHAMMER BOSS - Get the disk shooter from Mr. Potato Head. Shoot the Boss, but do not allow him get too close to you, or he will shoot out hot bolts. You must find Mr. Potato Head's eye to unlock and get the disk shooter. You only receive 10 disks.



HEALTH BOOST - During the game, press TAB and type "set plyr.ds9_siskoeva health 9999". There is another version of the same thing - "set plyr.ds9_sisko health 9999"- and, depending on what level you are on, one will work.

The actual number "9999" can be any positive number up to 9999999999.

If you are using Kira or Worf, you must replace "sisko" with "kira" or "worf" in the "set plyr.ds9_sisko" line.
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