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Mario Party Nintendo N64

THERE was a time when a new Mario game would create queues round the block. But that was then and this is now.

The games industry is patiently waiting for the Dreamcast and the PSX2 to hit the shelves and,until then we've got to put up with games like Mario Party.

Not that Mario Party is a bad game - it's just a little odd. Not so much released as escaped.

Based on, off all things, a board game, it's been specifically designed to be played by a large group of people sitting round the N64 together.

If you can convince a group of friends at a party that playing this game is a good idea you'll be doing well for a start, but once they all sit down you'll be faced with one of eight very traditional looking gaming boards and a virtual dice. You role the dice, move the number of squares and then get confronted with one of the 80-plus minigames, ranging from bobsledding to diving in shark-infested waters,

These games sometimes pit you against the computer, but more often you will find yourself going head to head with one of your fellow players.

So it's all quite good fun, the kind of thing you can imagine bundled in with the orange and the Mars bar in a Christmas stocking.

But this is Spring, so finding an excuse to get a bunch of family and friends together to play a woose game like Mario Party may take a lot of persuading.


IT could have worked. It almost did. A high-speed, good looking PC game that combines the first-person action of Quake with the driving madness of Carmageddon, all wrapped up in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi package. Sounds almost perfect doesn't it?

Developers at Accolade probably thought as they beavered away on Redline.

Unfortunately, all their dreams and hopes for this game have never quite been realised.

The plot of the game is fine - you live outside the domed cities of the future, in the bad lands where life is tough, brutal and short, just like the inhabitants.

By using your wits, fast car and gut instinct you can hope to survive. The graphics also look pretty neat but they are slow. But the main problem with Redline is that it's been done better by others - Half-Life, being a case in point. You wouldn't get Redline in preference to it.


THERE was a time when snow boarding games were pretty thin on the ground. Now it seems that a week doesn't go by without one.

Now there is yet another release of the world's most trendy sport for the N64. The action is fast, furious and 'gnarly.'

There are plenty of options to explore, plus five different difficulty levels to ease you into the playing action a little at a time.

There are a huge number of moves to master, over 20 different ones leading to huge amounts of different combinations.

There are so many, in fact, that you will find getting from the top of each course to the bottom, although challenge enough, won't get you very far in the gaming action. The animation is smooth and fast and the music isn't so annoying that you turn it off after your first play.Third or fourth play, maybe.

It's rumble-pak compatible, you can compete against your mates - apart from that their isn't much else to say about Twisted Edge Snow Boarding.

If you haven't got a snow boarding game for your N64 and you think you might like one, then this is a pretty good choice.




ENTER any of these codes on the classic match screen then start up any kind of match that you want.

SUPERMAN - Super strong batsman.

BIGBALLS - Not what you might think.

DROPBALLS - Very slippy balls.

SOLIDOAK - Only run-outs will count as out.



GO to the password screen and enter these as you would any normal code.

Play as BIG DADDY - triangle, square, R2, X, Triangle, R2.

Play as NIGHTSHADE - R1, R2, L1, L1, X, Circle.

To play as Helicopter - L1, triangle, R2, triangle, triangle, R1.

To play as ALIEN - R1, Square, X, Square, L2, Circle.



ON the password screen enter this cheat, you'll get an invalid password message but it's probably best to ignore that and plough on.

MAXCHEAT - will give you every cheat in the game including secret characters, mirror mode, leagues and a whole host of goodies.



THESE two rather nifty cheats allow you to play as an all-star team from the either the 94/95 or 95/96 season.

Select an exhibition game and then press;

R1, L1, R1, L1, R2, L2, R2, L2 For All Stars 94or

R1, R1, R2, R2, L1, L2, L1, L2 For All Stars 95 - 96.
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