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TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 12: THE MASTERS PS3, pounds 49.99 SO, where next for Tiger Woods? Probably a question the great man was asking himself not so long ago, but the virtual golfing legend has been making steady annual strides in the console world, and 2011's instalment is a brilliant consolidation of all that has been great about recent releases. Pulling tournament drama and the variety of the Tiger challenges together, PGA Tour 12 feels like an incredible cohesive career path for players, much more so than ever before, where each tidy round and chunk of experience points really count towards the big objectives. The PlayStation's Move controller isn't always as intuitive as you'd like for perfecting your swing, but this is a minor gripe when set against the stunning gathering of greens and fairways that await you here. WWE ALL STARS Xbox 360, pounds 44.99 PROMISING to deliver one of the greatest rosters ever assembled in a wrestling video game, WWE All Stars pulls the most renowned WWE Legends into the ring with today's most prominent Superstars. From a hardcore WWE fan's perspective, this is the opportunity they've been waiting for, to schedule the wildest versus fantasy matches for which they've always dreamed. But it's just as much fun for casual gamers who may have watched Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior lock horns two decades ago, with the super-stylised character models and slick presentation offering probably the biggest line-up of bulging biceps and OTT personalities ever assembled on a console fighter. And the gameplay stacks up just as well, with a host of fight styles, signature moves and all action match modes at your disposal. SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED PC, pounds 29.99 THE racing genre can surely only go so far with the current generation of gaming technology. With graphics, processors and audio all pushed to the limit, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? One word - experience. And it's something that Shift 2 Unleashed offers in spades. From the truly incredible in-car visuals and life-like driver head controls to the insanely addictive Autolog feature, which constantly reminds you of how well (or badly) you're performing against your online pals, Shift 2 excels in a cluttered field of above-average racers. It seriously stakes a claim for a podium place above the likes of Gran Turismo 5, with nearly 150 cars and 40 tracks. SUPER MONKEY BALL 3D Nintendo 3DS, pounds 39.99 WE'VE been rolling that cheeky simian character around for years now, but never like this. Taking full advantage of the 3DS's stereoscopic 3D capabilities, this colourful action puzzle romp lets you loose in a host of new, vibrant worlds, twisting and turning to collect every banana in the fastest time possible. New game modes such as Monkey Race and Monkey Fight add to the single-player levels with additional wireless multiplayer functionality, so it becomes much more of a social experience. The simple pick-up-and-play game mechanics ensure the purest form of fun gameplay is easily accessible to everyone. ?????IONSHIP MANAGER 1980S LEGENDS iPhone, pounds 1.79 CHAMPIONSHIP Manager will always live long in the memory of gamers, and now you get the chance to fuse cutting-edge gaming technology with a trip into football nostalgia. Choose from three start dates and immerse yourself in the era with the retro game interface and an amazing archive photolibrary from the age of big haircuts and even bigger footballing personalities. It's fab fun picking the stars of the future and assembling a true dream team. Expertly pitched with enough detail for hardcore fans and easy access for stop/start gaming on the go.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 3, 2011
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