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GAM Started Receiving Parliamentary Candidates' Applications To Obtain Permits For The Elections Campaign.

Summary: GAM has started receiving candidates' applications to obtain the permits (approvals) for the Parliamentary Elections Campaign of 2010.

According to the Vocational and Advertising Licensing Department , Eng.

Faleh Al-Shammari , said that Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has started receiving candidates' applications to obtain the permits (approvals) for the Parliamentary Elections Campaign of 2010.


Faleh stressed that GAM, under pertinent instructions, will not allow the candidates to use any aspect of publicity before the official announcement by the Minister of the Interior regarding the kick start of the elections campaign; otherwise, any banner will be removed, in addition to 25% administrative expenses.

He further clarified that the candidates will submit a check of 4000 JODs, or in cash, to the Finance Department as a deposit for observing the terms and conditions of the elections campaign properly, as well as signing a financial clearance undertaking, pointing out that the Department will provide all the candidates with a copy of the terms and conditions regarding the elections campaign.


Faleh also explained that the declaration and undertaking stated that the candidates are obliged to follow the conditions, which GAM announced, stipulating, among other things, that banners should be removed within 14 days of the conclusion of the campaign, otherwise, GAM is entitled to confiscate the deposit, remove the banners, and request the removal costs, in addition to 25% administrative expenses with no warning or notice, and with no regard to any objections or claims made by the candidate.

According to Eng.

Al-Shammari, 13 candidates have come forward to obtain GAM's approval for the elections campaigning in the first day.

He added that the candidate can refund the amount of deposit after the campaign ends, as long as he or she fully complied with the terms and conditions announced, indicating that the Vocational and Advertising Licensing Department will provide the GAM's departments (regions) with the names of the candidates who obtained the approval to the elections campaigning.

It should be noted that GAM has, earlier, announced the terms and conditions of the campaign publicity, as per Article (6), paragraph (a), number (3), of licensing instructions of advertising modes number (1) for the year 2006.

GAM prevents using any type of posters, and identified the technical specifications of the banners; which should be made of lightweight material, and should be placed securely on the walls, buildings and pillars, so that they will not cause any threat to the public safety.

The instructions allowed the candidates to post panels on the circles, crossroads, traffic lights, and in the squares with their names, data, and pictures, as long as they do not impede traffic before pedestrians, or block the vision in front of vehicles or traffic lights, provided that panels' height should not exceed 1.

5 m, with a width of 1m; they also should be two-sided and designed in the form of a stand.

GAM also cautioned against putting any banners on the buildings, which distort and conceal their architectural elements; the banners' space must not exceed 5 m2, the vertical distance between the bottom of the banner and the street should not be less than 4.

5 m, except for those extending over streets with no passing vehicles or pedestrians underneath.

It should be noted that the instructions disallowed using any type of illuminated signs, or placing any banners in a way that might block the vision of any licensed sign.

The conditions also stressed that the candidates should remove all the banners within two weeks after the campaign ends, with eligibility to refund the amount paid with the consent of the City Deputy Manager for Public Services, and after ensuring that the candidate has already removed the banners in the concerned regions.

It is worth mentioning that in case of violation of terms and conditions, the deposit shall be confiscated according to the signed undertaking; GAM will also charge the candidates with the expenses.

GAM calls upon the candidates to comply with the terms and conditions of the elections campaigning, in addition to any supplementary conditions, specified by the Ministry of Interior/ Capital Governor concerning the campaign.

Eng Al-Shammari mentioned that there will be field groups from Amman, to follow up on commitment to the terms and conditions, during the campaign duration.

Furthermore, the Director of Traffic Operations Department, Eng.

Khalid Haddadin, stressed that the directional signs and traffic lights will be subjected to periodic inspection, during the elections campaign, to ensure that such signs will not be used for election publicity by the candidates.

He pointed out that the cost of the traffic directional sign, with the round shape, costs about 70-100 JODs, while the squared shaped one costs about 120 JODs.


Haddadin also said that the Jordanian Law of Roads No.

14 for the year 1987, and its amendments, stated that the punishments against anyone causing traffic signs damage may be imprisonment and a fine, in addition to bearing financial cost.

It is worth mentioning that the Elections Law prohibits the candidate from using means of propaganda in the public streets and buildings occupied by the ministries, departments, public and governmental Institutions; the candidate is also prohibited from placing the same on walls, telephone and electricity poles, and any other public property, unless otherwise specified by GAM and the municipality councils.

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Date:Oct 18, 2010
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