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Articles from GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society (January 1, 2018)

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12 QUESTIONS TO... Interview 1671
Dealing with Multi-Perspectivity in Real-World Laboratories: Experiences from the Transdisciplinary Research Project Urban Transformation Laboratories. Engels, Anita; Walz, Kerstin Essay 4928
Design Junctions in Real-World Laboratories: Analyzing Experiences Gained from the Project Knowledge Dialogue Northern Black Forest. Pregernig, Michael; Rhodius, Regina; Winkel, Georg Essay 5072
Designing Real-World Laboratories for the Reduction of Residential Energy Use: Articulating Theories of Change. Heiskanen, Eva; Laakso, Senja; Matschoss, Kaisa; Backhaus, Julia; Goggins, Gary; Vadovics, Edina Essay 5798
How Much of the Real-World Laboratory Is Hidden in Current Transdisciplinary Research? Rogga, Sebastian; Zscheischler, Jana; Gaasch, Nadin Essay 3673
Insights into and Recommendations from Three Real-World Laboratories: An Experience-Based Comparison. Parodi, Oliver; Waitz, Colette; Bachinger, Monika; Kuhn, Rainer; Meyer-Soylu, Sarah; Alcantara, Soph Essay 6635
Jointly Experimenting for Transformation? Shaping Real-World Laboratories by Comparing Them. Schapke, Niko; Stelzer, Franziska; Caniglia, Guido; Bergmann, Matthias; Wanner, Matthias; Singer-Bro 9110
Labs in the Real World: Advancing Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability Transformation: Mapping the Field and Emerging Lines of Inquiry. Schapke, Niko; Bergmann, Matthias; Stelzer, Franziska; Lang, Daniel J. 1864
Learning in Real-World Laboratories: A Systematic Impulse for Discussion. Singer-Brodowski, Mandy; Beecroft, Richard; Parodi, Oliver Essay 4013
Real-World Laboratories--the Road to Transdisciplinary Research? Renn, Ortwin Editorial 528
Research on Real-World Laboratories in Baden-Wurttemberg. Bauer, Theresia 550
Structure Matters: Real-World Laboratories as a New Type of Large-Scale Research Infrastructure: A Framework Inspired by Giddens' Structuration Theory. Schneidewind, Uwe; Augenstein, Karoline; Stelzer, Franziska; Wanner, Matthias Essay 4556
Sustainability Learning Labs in Small Island Developing States: A Case Study of the Seychelles. Krutli, Pius; Pohl, Christian; Stauffacher, Michael Case study 4787
Tensions and Trade-offs in Real-World Laboratories--The Participants' Perspective. Engels, Franziska; Rogge, Jan-Christoph 3278
The Background and History of Real-World Laboratory Funding in Baden-Wurttemberg. Wagner, Felix; Miller, Eric 544
Transitioning Urban Experiments: Reflections on Doing Action Research with Urban Labs. Scholl, Christian; Kraker, Joop de; Hoeflehner, Thomas; Eriksen, Mette Agger; Wlasak, Petra; Drage, Essay 6054
Urban Living Labs and the Role of Users in Co-Creation. Menny, Mascha; Palgan, Yuliya Voytenko; McCormick, Kes Essay 7534
What Is It Good For? Reflecting and Systematizing Accompanying Research to Research Programs. Defila, Rico; Di Giulio, Antonietta 6794

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