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PaddlePak From PS19.99 at THIS brand new range of backpacks, from the people who brought us the ubiquitous rideon suitcase for kids, is ideal for keeping swim kit separate from their other equipment. The lightweight backpack has a waterproof interior and a roll-down top that clips to close with ease. They're available in a variety of colourful characters.

My Document laptop case PS21.99 from WHETHER you are transporting a laptop, a tablet or just some good old-fashioned paper books, this is certainly the stylish way to do it.

Shaped like the on-screen file icon - or just a good old-fashioned paper file - the case also comes with an icon badge, either an arrow, hand or timer.

Back to school personal organiser PS20 each from USING your very best handwriting, add your name to the cover of these superb retro notebooks from the ever-fine Filofax folk. It comes complete with index sheets, to-do lists, ruled notepaper, plus an optional diary element. We're keeping ours strictly for keeping notes though - mainly about how smart our new notebook is.

Boogie Board PS29.99 from IT may remind you of those magic slates of old, but this new gadget is a far superior place to do your scribbling, sketching, plan-making and sum-taking. The lightweight and super-slim electronic pad allows you to doodle with the included stylus - which has LEDs inside to illuminate the screen - and, the more pressure applied, the thicker your lines.

Musical Ruler PS10 from NO back-to-school collection would be complete without some mention of stationery, but after searching through a plethora of Post-it note varieties and pencil collections, we decided we wanted something a little more exciting. Thankfully, we then found this ruler. Following a few basic instructions, you can place it against the side of a desk, and knock out a few tunes. (Also measures stuff).
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 22, 2013
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