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Sale And Properties Bearing No. B-160 (basement + 3 Floors) New Subzi Mandi Azadpur Delhi-110033 Owned By The Guarantor Mr. Kishan Lal Gaba. Basement 636 Sq. Ft. And Ground Floor 350 Sq. Ft. 1st Floor 636 Sq. Ft. 2nd Floor 636 Sq. Ft. 3rd Floor 636 Sq. Ft. Aug 5, 2018 155
Troika eyes digital economy. Jul 15, 2018 1129
Toxic Leukoencephalopathy Associated with Tianeptine Misuse--California, 2017. Goodnough, Robert; Li, Kai; Fouladkou, Fatemeh; Lynch, Kara L.; Shah, Maulik; Smollin, Craig G.; Bla Jul 13, 2018 854
Const. Of Paver Block Street From H/o Kewal Krishan Gaba To H/o Roshan Lal And Majri Mohalla Bansi Lal Pulia W-4. Jul 4, 2018 152
How to Fall Asleep Faster Without Drugs, Herbs, or Supplements: This little-known sleep aid is as powerful as a narcotic, yet as safe as a kitchen spice. Triggers the calming GABA receptors in your brain. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 317
Fintech start-up PDAX set to roll out trading platform for digital assets, cryptocurrencies. Jun 25, 2018 656
Company set to launch first digital asset exchange in the country. Jun 20, 2018 496
Construction Of Cc Road Santok Singh House To Ramesh Jagga House Ward No. 03 And Construction Fo Cc Road Radheyshyam House To Bhanchand Bansal And Manohar Gaba To Mahadev Gupta Ward No. 03 And 05 (pac. Jun 18, 2018 169
Const.of Flooring Starting From H/o Yashpal To H/o Hans Raj Gaba And Adj.lanes In Ward No.14. Jun 8, 2018 159
How Zebrafish Recover from Blinding Injuries. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 274
(commercial) Property Bearing No. B 160 New Subzi Mandi Azadpur Delhi 110033 Owned By The Guarantor Mr. Kishan Lal Gaba. Basement 636 Sq. Ft. And Ground Floor 350 Sq. Ft. 1st Floor 636 Sq. Ft. 2nd Flo. May 2, 2018 156
Bathurst remembers its wartime nurses: Twenty-four nurses from Bathurst and surrounding districts who served in World War I have been honoured by their home town with commemorative plaques and an art exhibition. May 1, 2018 522
Construction Of Cc Road At Babu Gaba Chauk To Patal Nagari Toilet Municipal Council. Mar 7, 2018 128
Short Communication - Effect of GABAB Receptor Antagonist (CGP55845) on the Hematological and Serum Biochemical Profile of Adult Male Albino Mice. Qurashi, Rabia; Gillani, Qurat ul Ane; Iqbal, Furhan Report Feb 28, 2018 1570
Art as poetry. Jan 29, 2018 808
Sale And Properties (commercial) Property Bearing No. B-160, New Subzi Mandi, Azadpur, Delhi-110033, Owned By The Guarantor - Mr. Kishan Lal Gaba. Basement - 636 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor - 350 Sq. Ft. 1st Floor - 636 Sqft. 2nd Floor - 636 Sqft. 3rd Floor -636. Jan 19, 2018 187
Addex enters into strategic partnership with Indivior to accelerate GABAB PAMs development. Jan 3, 2018 180
Addex enters into strategic partnership with Indivior to accelerate GABAB PAMs development. Jan 3, 2018 176
How to Fall Asleep Faster Without Drugs, Herbs, or Supplements: This little-known sleep aid is as powerful as a narcotic, yet as safe as a kitchen spice. Triggers the calming GABA receptors in your brain. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 320
Riya Subodh crowned 'India's Next Top Model'. Dec 17, 2017 338
Const. Of Drain Starting From Gaba Restaurant To Jeet Halwai On Nurmahal Road In Ward No:14. Dec 12, 2017 105
Monoterpenoids (thymol, carvacrol and S-(+)-linalool) with anesthetic activity in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen): evaluation of acetylcholinesterase and GABAergic activity. Bianchini, A.E.; Garlet, Q.I.; da Cunha, J.A.; Bandeira, G. Jr.; Brusque, I.C.M.; Salbego, J.; Heinz Report Dec 1, 2017 5980
Key chemical that suppresses unwanted thoughts identified. Nov 4, 2017 356
Ovid Therapeutics' OV101 for the treatment of Fragile X syndrome was granted orphan drug designation by the FDA. Nov 1, 2017 248
Aldeyra Therapeutics Data Show ADX-102 Reduces GHB and GABA in Mouse Model of SSADH Deficiency. Oct 25, 2017 247
Mutation detection. Oct 1, 2017 150
Prefrontal Cortex GABA in Schizophrenia and Abnormal Glutamate Concentration: An in Vivo 1H-MRS Study. Chen, Tianyi; Wang, Yingchan; Zhang, Jianye; Wang, Zuowei; Xu, Jiale; Li, Yao; Yang, Zhilei; Liu, De Report Oct 1, 2017 5567
Comparative Studies of Several Physiologic and Biochemical Indexes of Wild Type and Hatchery-Bred Sturgeons in the Early Ontogenesis. R.Y.U., Qasimov; U.F., Hashimova; C.H.A., Mamedov; A.A., Gaisina; G.R., Vagabova; Mekhtiev, Arif Report Aug 1, 2017 7017
Research provides new clues to schizophrenia. Report Jul 15, 2017 700
United States : New findings reverse hypothesis of GABA neurodevelopment in schizophrenia. Jun 22, 2017 510
SIMULATION AS A TEACHING TECHNOLOGY: A Brief History of Its Use in Nursing Education. Sanko, Jill S. Report Jun 22, 2017 4934
Activating This Area Of Your Brain Could Cause Food Binges. Jun 11, 2017 504
Supply Of Human Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (gaba)elisa Kit-1, Glutamate Elisa Kit-1, Primer 0.25nmol-800. Jun 7, 2017 103
Serum Levels of Neuroactive Steroids in First-episode Antipsychotic-naive Schizophrenic Patients and Its Correlation with Aggression: A Case-control Study. Solanki, R.K.; Sharma, P.; Tyagi, A.; Singh, C. Report Jun 1, 2017 3754
Sweden : Karolinska Development company Umecrine Cognition to present at the EASL International Liver Congress 2017. Apr 24, 2017 428
Providing And Laying Of 80 Mm Thick Table Vibrated Interlocking Paver Block Of Various Streets In Dunga Bazar, Arya School To Jain Mandir, Lotiyan Gali And Link Street In Dhobi Mohalla & Construction Of Nallah And Slab From Gaba Kiryana Store To Saraswati. Apr 11, 2017 129
How zebrafish recover from blinding injuries. Mar 13, 2017 382
Atlantic Cape Community College. Jan 3, 2017 107
Simulation as a teaching technology: a brief history of its use in nursing education. Sanko, Jill S. Report Jan 1, 2017 4795
How to fall asleep faster without drugs, herbs, or supplements. Jan 1, 2017 342
Repurposing Lesogaberan to Promote Human Islet Cell Survival and [beta]-Cell Replication. Tian, Jide; Dang, Hoa; Hu, Angela; Xu, Willem; Kaufman, Daniel L. Jan 1, 2017 4473
Pathogenic Roles of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65 Autoantibodies in Cerebellar Ataxias. Mitoma, Hiroshi; Manto, Mario; Hampe, Christiane S. Report Jan 1, 2017 8176
Delirium and High Creatine Kinase and Myoglobin Levels Related to Synthetic Cannabinoid Withdrawal. Yazici, Ahmet Bulent; Yazici, Esra; Erol, Atila Case study Jan 1, 2017 4658
Sage Therapeutics administers the first dose of SAGE-217 in Parkinson's disease study. Dec 14, 2016 312
Sage Therapeutics administers the first dose of SAGE-217 in Parkinson's disease study. Dec 14, 2016 308
Raising Of Street From Subhash Rewari To Babli And Raising In Front Of Sonia Gaba, Diwan Nagar, Ward No. 21, Panipat. Nov 15, 2016 121
nAChR PAM-to-gate: Gating mechanism and pharmacological modulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Nov 3, 2016 225
Human stem cells treat spinal cord injury side effects in Mice. Oct 17, 2016 553
Human stem cells treat spinal cord injury side effects in mice. Oct 17, 2016 551
Human stem cells treat spinal cord injury side effects in mice. Oct 10, 2016 551
Supplements accelerate benzodiazepine withdrawal: a case report and biochemical rationale. Penberthy, W. Todd; Saul, Andrew W. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 179
GABA in the treatment of anxiety. Lobay, Douglas G. Drug overview Oct 1, 2016 3507
Brain gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentration of the prefrontal lobe in unmedicated patients with Obsessive-compulsive disorder: a research of magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Zhang, Zongfeng; Fan, Qing; Bai, Yanle; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Haiyin; Xiao, Zeping Report Oct 1, 2016 4679
Raising Of Street From Subhash Rewari To Babli And Raising In Front Of H/o Sonia Gaba, Diwan Nagar, Ward No. 21, Panipat. Sep 18, 2016 125
Using benzodiazepine detoxification and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in the treatment of a patient with generalized anxiety disorder comorbid with high-dose zolpidem dependence. Lu, Shen-Hua; Tzeng, Nian-Sheng; Chou, Han-Wei Sep 1, 2016 1458
GABA linked to healthy sleep patterns. Jul 1, 2016 259
Impact of identified interneurons on cellular network mechanisms in the human and rodent neocortex. Jun 4, 2016 350
Marinus Pharmaceuticals was granted Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA for the intravenous (IV) formulation of its CNS-selective GABAA modulator, ganaxolone, for the treatment of status epilepticus. Jun 1, 2016 104
Sistemas de neurotransmision, alteraciones sneuroanatomicas y muerte celular en la esquizofrenia: actualizacion y perspectivas. Avila-Rojas, Hazael; Sandoval-Zamora, Hugo; Perez-Neri, Ivan Jun 1, 2016 6649
Treating sleep apnea protects both mood and cognition. Brief article May 1, 2016 166
Anxiolytic and sedative-like effects of flavonoids from Tilia americana var. mexicana: GABAergic and serotonergic participation. Aguirre-Hernandez, Eva; Gonzalez-Trujano, Ma. Eva; Terrazas, Teresa; Santoyo, Josefina Herrera; Guev Jan 1, 2016 4489
Effect of (+)-dehydrofukinone on GABA A receptors and stress response in fish model. Garlet, Q.I.; Pires, L.C.; Silva, D.T.; Spall, S.; Gressler, L.T.; Burger, M.E.; Baldisserotto, B.; Report Jan 1, 2016 7263
GABAB Receptor Antagonist (CGP 55845) can be Intraperitoneally Supplemented as it does not Affect the Hematological and Serum Biochemical Profile in Adult Female Albino Mice. Report Dec 31, 2015 2508
United States : Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Announces Top-Line Results in Phase 1(b) Trial of CPP-115. Financial report Dec 19, 2015 366
Pregabalin use disorder. Sonmez, Mehmet Bulent Report Dec 1, 2015 702
Comparison of the density of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex of patients with first-episode psychosis and healthy controls. Yang, Zhilei; Zhu, Yajing; Song, Zhenhua; Mei, Li; Zhang, Jianye; Chen, Tianyi; Wang, Yingchan; Xu, Dec 1, 2015 3564
Providing and laying of interlocking tiles 80mm thick and drain in Bakshi House to Kalawati House and Shyam Lal Gaba to Bhura Confecnary and Jagdish jangra to Ram Kumar Chakki, Vijay Nagar, Ward No. 0. Nov 2, 2015 146
Catalyst announces USPTO's notice of allowance for the method of treating Tourette's Disorder with GABA-aminotransferase inactivators. Oct 14, 2015 294
Catalyst announces USPTO's notice of allowance for the method of treating Tourette's Disorder with GABA-aminotransferase inactivators. Oct 14, 2015 298
Nutrient composition and functional activity of different stages in the fruiting body development of Philippine paddy straw mushroom, volvariella volvacea (Bull.:Fr.) sing. Eguchi, Fumio; Kalaw, Sofronio P.; Dulay, Rich Milton R.; Miyasawa, Noriko; Yoshimoto, Hiroaki; Seya Report Sep 1, 2015 7553
PentaBrain: Structural studies of mammalian Cys-loop receptors. Jul 7, 2015 307
Effect of [gamma]-aminobutyric acid-producing Lactobacillus strain on laying performance, egg quality and serum enzyme activity in Hy-Line brown hens under heat stress. Zhu, Y.Z.; Cheng, J.L.; Ren, M.; Yin, L.; Piao, X.S. Report Jul 1, 2015 6326
Quick-cooking grains make healthful choices; GABA supplements for anxiety. Salomon, Sharon; Cullum Dugan, Diana Report Jul 1, 2015 422
GABACODEV: Role of GABAergic microcircuits with different embryonic origins in the orchestration of early cortical dynamics in the awake mouse pup. Jun 24, 2015 360
UbiGABA: The role of ubiquitination in stability and plasticity of the GABAergic synapse. Jun 22, 2015 353
Study the chronic effect of Aspartame on some neurotransmitters content and histological structure of cerebellar cortex in male albino rats. Bawazir, A.E.; Bokhary, Logien E. Report Jun 1, 2015 3633
Puerarin protects against damage to spatial learning and memory ability in mice with chronic alcohol poisoning. Cui, S.Q.; Wang, Q.; Zheng, Y.; Xiao, B.; Sun, H.W.; Gu, X.L.; Zhang, Y.C.; Fu, C.H.; Dong, P.X.; Wa Report Jun 1, 2015 4592
Theodora Evangelidis. Mar 16, 2015 281
Localization of Vesicular Inhibitory Amino Acid Transporter (VIAAT) in the Submandibular Salivary Gland Throughout the Postnatal Development of Mice/ Localizacion del Transportador Vesicular de Aminoacidos Inhibidores (VIAAT) en la Glandula Salival Submandibular Durante el Desarrollo Postnatal de Ratones. Toomsan, Yanyong; Chomphoo, Surang; Pakkarato, Sawetree; Watanabe, Masahiko; Kondo, Hisatake; Hipkae Mar 1, 2015 3245
Names in jailed dealer's diary missing. Jan 21, 2015 306
Methanol extract of Ficus platyphylla ameliorates seizure severity, cognitive deficit and neuronal cell loss in pentylenetetrazole-kindled mice. Chindo, Ben A.; Schroder, Helmut; Becker, Axel Report Jan 15, 2015 6138
NANOPHYS: Nanophysiology of fast-spiking, parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic interneurons. Dec 31, 2014 156
Depression, anxiety, and anger in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome/Polikistik over sendromu olan hastalarda depresyon, anksiyete ve ofke. Balikci, Adem; Erdem, Murat; Keskin, Ugur; Zincir, Selma BOZKURT; Gulsun, Murat; Ozcelik, Fatih; Akg Report Dec 1, 2014 3798
OLIGABA: GPCR oligomers: Facts and function for the GABAB receptor. Nov 10, 2014 324
Monthly miracles. Gerber, Michael Oct 1, 2014 1340
Evaluation of GABA receptors of ventral tegmental area in cardiovascular responses in rat. Rasoulpanah, Minoo; Kharazmi, Fathmeh; Hatam, Masoumeh Report Jul 1, 2014 3965
New drug target for Alzheimer's disease found. Jun 14, 2014 276
Women changing landscape of road repairs in Cagayan. Mar 30, 2014 518
Memory decline in elderly may soon be history. Mar 6, 2014 345
Gaba's drug diary hits Punjab politics. Feb 27, 2014 483
ED summons Punjab minister's son over role in big drug racket. Feb 26, 2014 633
"With the rapid success of Dream Water, we thought,'How could we help even more?'"--which led to the launch of Function Please! Feb 24, 2014 530
Bookshelf. Feb 22, 2014 472
The modulatory role of GABA-B receptors within the shell part of nucleus accumbens on the expression of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in morphine-tolerant rats. Rafiei-Rad, Maryam; Sahraei, Hedayat Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 3596
[GABA.sub.A] receptor expression in the forebrain of ataxic rolling Nagoya mice. Kaja, Simon; Nielsen, Elsebet Ostergaard Report Jan 1, 2014 2912
Effect of [GABA.sub.B] receptor antagonist (CGP35348) on learning and memory in albino mice. Gillani, Quratulane; Iqbal, Shahid; Arfa, Fatima; Khakwani, Saba; Akbar, Atif; Ullah, Asmat; Ali, Mu Report Jan 1, 2014 3195
Loss of central inhibition: implications for behavioral hypersensitivity after contusive spinal cord injury in rats. Berrocal, Yerko A.; Almeida, Vania W.; Puentes, Rocio; Knott, Eric P.; Hechtman, Jaclyn F.; Garland, Report Jan 1, 2014 7273
Downregulated GABA and BDNF-TrkB pathway in chronic cyclothiazide seizure model. Kong, Shuzhen; Cheng, Zhihua; Liu, Jianhui; Wang, Yun Jan 1, 2014 5493
Tumor necrosis factor alpha: a link between neuroinflammation and excitotoxicity. Olmos, Gabriel; Llado, Jeronia Report Jan 1, 2014 9833
Signal transduction in Astrocytes during chronic or acute treatment with drugs (SSRIs, antibipolar drugs, GABA-ergic drugs, and benzodiazepines) ameliorating mood disorders. Hertz, Leif; Song, Dan; Li, Baoman; Du, Ting; Xu, Junnan; Gu, Li; Chen, Ye; Peng, Liang Jan 1, 2014 13630
Recent Progress in Neuroscience Research and the New Anti-GABAB1 Receptor Antibody from AbboMax, Inc.. Dec 19, 2013 381
Chorea-ballismus associated with hyperglycemia/ Hiperglisemi ile iliskili kore-ballismus. Orhan, Elif Kocasoy; Atmaca, M. Mert; Atmaca, Melek; Hanagasi, Hasmet A. Clinical report Dec 1, 2013 2479
Stiff person syndrome (SPS): literature review and case report. Pretorius, E.; Struwig, W. Case study Dec 1, 2013 4345
Targeting Brain Region may Help Smokers Quit. Nov 16, 2013 335
Popping a Pill Enough to Get Drunk! British Neuroscientist Develops Alcoholic Drug that Prevents Hangover. Nov 13, 2013 410
Fibromyalgia pain, neurotransmitters, and toxic metals: connecting the dots an interview with Joseph Hickey, MD. Hickey, Joseph Nov 1, 2013 5189
GABA inverse agonist restores cognitive function in Down's syndrome-Benoit Delatour. Conference notes Oct 31, 2013 460
Graduate Fashion Show- GABA 2013 By Arch Academy of Design. Oct 30, 2013 469
Parts of brain cells that trigger eating disorders identified. Sep 27, 2013 318
Drug that killed MJ set to help in development of new anaesthetics. Sep 23, 2013 279
American Clinical Solutions Releases Study "Alprazolam- Used and Abused". Sep 3, 2013 602
Supplementation of GABA-B Receptor Antagonist (CGP 55845), Following Hypoxia Ischemia Encephalopathy Moderately Affects the Hematological and Serum Biochemical Profile in Albino Mice. Khadim, Nasreen; Iqbal, Shahid; Gillani, Quratul Aain; Safdar, Sohail; Iqbal, Furhan Report Aug 31, 2013 2091
How to reverse depression in victims of bullying. Aug 30, 2013 281
American Clinical Solutions Releases Gabapentin and Pregabalin Study- "Seizure The Day". Aug 1, 2013 534
Use of antipsychotics in the treatment of depressive disorders. Wang, Ping; Si, Tianmei Report Jun 1, 2013 4969
Effect of [gamma]-aminobutyric acid (GABA) producing bacteria on in vitro rumen fermentation, biogenic amine production and anti-oxidation using corn meal as substrate. Ku, Bum Seung; Mamuad, Lovelia L.; Kim, Seon-Ho; Jeong, Chang Dae; Soriano, Alvin P.; Lee, Ho-Il; Na Report Jun 1, 2013 8017
Neuronal mechanism of epileptogenesis in el mouse. Suzuki, Jiro Report Jun 1, 2013 3646
Switzerland : Addex Validates Potential Efficacy Biomarker for Phase 1 Trial of its GABA-B Positive Allosteric modulator, ADX71441. May 22, 2013 266
Stem cell transplant restores memory, learning in mice. Apr 29, 2013 644
Stem Cell Transplant Restores Memory in Mice. Apr 23, 2013 647
Survival and growth of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) postlarvae under different static and flow conditions. Anguiano-Beltran, Casandra; Searcy-Bernal, Ricardo Report Apr 1, 2013 3139
Distribution of GABA in the nerve ganglia of Haliotis asinina linnaeus. Soonklang, Nantawan; Stewart, Michael J.; Wanichanon, Chaitip; Stewart, Praphaporn; Hanna, Peter J.; Report Apr 1, 2013 5369
Microtransplantation of cellular membranes from squid stellate ganglion reveals ionotropic GABA receptors. Conti, Luca; Limon, Agenor; Palma, Eleonora; Miledi, Ricardo Report Feb 1, 2013 3774
Spain : Molecular Mechanisms of GABAergic synapse formation: spatial segregation in cortical inhibitory inputs. Jan 18, 2013 316
Sustained and transient contributions to the rat dark-adapted electroretinogram b-Wave. Dang, Trung M.; Vingrys, Algis J.; Bui, Bang V. Report Jan 1, 2013 6314
Activation of glycine and extrasynaptic [GABA.sub.A] receptors by taurine on the substantia gelatinosa neurons of the trigeminal subnucleus caudalis. Nguyen, Thi Thanh Hoang; Bhattarai, Janardhan Prasad; Park, Soo Joung; Han, Seong Kyu Report Jan 1, 2013 6676
Presynaptic glycine receptors increase GABAergic neurotransmission in rat periaqueductal gray neurons. Choi, Kwi-Hyung; Nakamura, Michiko; Jang, Il-Sung Report Jan 1, 2013 4947
Use of Awamori-pressed lees and Tofu lees as feed ingredients for growing female goats. Nagamine, Itsuki; Sunagawa, Katsunori; Kishi, Tetsuya Report Dec 1, 2012 9762
Gambia : GAMBIA: GABA President left his job right away. Nov 29, 2012 161
How the brain and body communicate to regulate weight. Oct 27, 2012 537
Valerian extract characterized by high valerenic acid and low acetoxy valerenic acid contents demonstrates anxiolytic activity. Felgentreff, F.; Becker, A.; Meier, B.; Brattstrom, A. Report Oct 15, 2012 4780
Identifying genetic variation for alcohol dependence. Agrawal, Arpana; Bierut, Laura J. Report Sep 22, 2012 6589
Alcohol dependence and genes encoding [alpha]2 and [gamma]1 [GABA.sub.A] receptor subunits: insights from humans and mice. Borghese, Cecilia M.; Harris, R. Adron Report Sep 22, 2012 7594
Identifying genetic variation for alcohol dependence. Agrawal, Arpana; Bierut, Laura J. Report Sep 22, 2012 6741
Alcohol dependence and genes encoding [alpha]2 and [gamma]1 [GABA.sub.A] receptor subunits: insights from humans and mice. Borghese, Cecilia M.; Harris, R. Adron Sep 22, 2012 7543
The porphyrins, origin of life in biological universe and evolution/regulation of the human system. Kurup A., Ravikumar; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Jun 30, 2012 10341
Intestinal bacteria 'may play role in inflammation'. Jun 18, 2012 386
Modulatory effect of subthalamic nucleus on the development of fatigue during exhausting exercise: an in vivo electrophysiological and microdialysis study in rats. Wang, Dalei; Liu, Xiaoli; Qiao, Decai Report Jun 1, 2012 4892
Alternative therapies in the treatment of cardiac injury: a case report with recovery regimens for nonablatable atrial fibrillation and greatly enlarged left atrium. Kugler, Hans J.; Friedrichson, Ulrich; Ghaly, Fouad; Ward, Paul Report May 1, 2012 4988
Endosymbiotic actinidic archaeal synthesis of pyruvate from cholesterol and the GABA shunt pathway regulates cell function. Ravikumar, Kurup A.; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Mar 31, 2012 3002
Archaeal porphyrins, regulation of cell function and neuroimmunoendocrine integration. Ravikumar, Kurup A.; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Mar 31, 2012 4107
Inhibitory effect of asiatic acid on acetylcholinesterase, excitatory post synapticpotential and locomotor activity. Nasira, M.N.; Abdullah, J.; Habsahc, M.; Ghani, R.I.; Rammes, G. Report Mar 1, 2012 4706
[GABA.sub.A] receptor modulators from Chinese herbal medicines traditionally applied against insomnia and anxiety. Singhuber, Judith; Baburin, Igor; Kahlig, Hanspeter; Urbana, Ernst; Kopp, Brigitte; Hering, Steffen Mar 1, 2012 5090
Chinese herbal medicine may provide novel treatment for alcohol abuse. Mar 1, 2012 174
Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners announces filing of provisional patent application for GABA for Tourette Syndrome in the US. Feb 10, 2012 211
Tinospora cordifolia: role in depression, cognition and memory. Mutalik, Madhav; Mutalik, Maitreyee Dec 22, 2011 4579
Anticonvulsant, antidepressant-like activity of abelmoschus manihot ethanol extract and its potential active components in vivo. Guo, Jianming; Xue, Caifu; Duan, Jin-ao; Qian, Dawei; Tang, Yuping; You, Yi Report Nov 15, 2011 4240
Concert Pharmaceuticals Presents Preclinical Data for Novel GABAA Subtype-Selective Modulator at Neuroscience 2011. Nov 14, 2011 809
Why impulsive men behave aggressively. Nov 4, 2011 278
Dietary supplement may lower risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome. Nov 1, 2011 163
Looking behind GABA's anti-anxiety claims. Nov 1, 2011 343
Concert Pharmaceuticals Announces Data Presentations at Neuroscience 2011. Oct 19, 2011 419
Effect of honokiol on activity of [GAD.sub.65] and of mice [GAD.sub.67] in the cortex and hippocampus. Ku, Tien-Hsiung; Lee, Yih-Jing; Wang, Su-Jane; Fan, Chen-Hua; Tienb, Lu-Tai Report Oct 15, 2011 2862
Eliminating the top causes of insomnia: neurotransmitter deficiency and cortisol excess. Ross, Julia Oct 1, 2011 2893
Common dietary supplement shown to lower risk of Type 2 diabetes. Sep 23, 2011 142
Google Kenya: getting Kenya businesses online. Sep 15, 2011 243
Healthy as a mouse. Sep 15, 2011 540
So why are some people more likely to lose their temper than others? CARDIFF RESEARCHERS MAY HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER. Aug 10, 2011 525
Men just can't help acting on impulse. Aug 10, 2011 255
Soon, a nasal spray to prevent men from acting on impulse. Aug 10, 2011 215
Chemical from insulin producing beta cells can prevent, reverse diabetes. Jun 29, 2011 289
Oral administration of [gamma] -aminobutyric acid and [gamma] -oryzanol prevents stress-induced hypoadiponectinemia. Ohara, Kazuyuki; Kiyotani, Yuka; Uchida, Asako; Nagasaka, Reiko; Maehara, Hiroyuki; Kanemoto, Shigeh Report Jun 15, 2011 3939
Efficacy of gabapentin on subjective idiopathic tinnitus: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Dehkordi, Mahboobeh Adami; Abolbashari, Samaneh; Taheri, Reza; Einolghozati, Sasan Report Apr 1, 2011 3411
[[alpha].sub.1A] adrenergic receptor activation attenuates hippocampal epileptiform activity and increases seizure resistance in mice. (Graduate Communications in the A. Roger Denison competition. Nelson, Brian W.; Goldenstein, Brianna; Perez, Dianne M.; Doze, Van A. Apr 1, 2011 272
Focus on: neurotransmitter systems. Valenzuela, C. Fernando; Puglia, Michael P.; Zucca, Stefano Report Mar 22, 2011 11019
'Novel treatment for advanced Parkinson's disease' found. Mar 18, 2011 339
Central nervous system activities of two diterpenes isolated from Aloysia virgata. Wasowski, Cristina; Marder, Mariel Report Mar 15, 2011 6416
Genes associated with binge drinking identified. Mar 2, 2011 397
Investigation of the relationship between clinical and EEG findings of photosensitive epilepsy and GABA receptor alpha 1 subunit (GABRA1) gene mutations/Fotosensitif epilepsilerde klinik ve EEG bulgularinin GABA reseptor alfa 1 alt unitesi (GABRA1) geni mutasyonlari ile iliskisinin arastirilmasi. Yavuz, Ebru Nur; Demirkan, Ayse; Moen, Sanne; Ozdemir, Ozkan; Catal, Suzin; Bebek, Nerses; Ozbek, Ug Report Mar 1, 2011 3118
RDX blocks GABA currents. Report Mar 1, 2011 161
RDX binds to the [GABA.sub.A] receptor-convulsant site and blocks [GABA.sub.A] receptor-mediated currents in the amygdala: a mechanism for RDX-induced seizures. Williams, Larry R.; Aroniadou-Anderjaska, Vassiliki; Qashu, Felicia; Finne, Huckelberry; Pidoplichko Report Mar 1, 2011 6476
Why women feel anxious, depressed and irate at that 'time of the month'. Feb 15, 2011 236
VA Announces Awards for Clinical Simulation Training, Education and Research. Feb 3, 2011 655
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of GABA in occupational Mn exposure. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 149
In vivo measurement of brain GABA concentrations by magnetic resonance spectroscopy in smelters occupationally exposed to manganese. Dydak, Ulrike; Jiang, Yue-Ming; Long, Li-Ling; Zhu, He; Chen, Jian; Li, Wen-Mei; Edden, Richard A.E. Report Feb 1, 2011 6874
A role of GABA analogues in the treatment of neurological diseases. Report Jan 1, 2011 143
Passionflower activities vary by extraction method. Finney-Brown, Tessa Report Dec 22, 2010 575
Energy drink cocktails: a dangerous combination for athletes and beyond. Woolsey, Conrad Dec 1, 2010 8560
Larval settlement of haliotis tuberculata coccinea in response to different inductive cues and the effect of larval density on settlement, early growth, and survival. De Vicose, Gercende Courtois; Viera, Mapi; Bilbao, Amaia; Izquierdo, Marisol Report Nov 1, 2010 4076
Settlement of Haliotis australis larvae: role of cues and orientation of the substratum. Roberts, Rodney D.; Watts, Ellie Report Nov 1, 2010 6754
Passiflora incarnata L. (Passionflower) extracts elicit GABA currents in hippocampal neurons in vitro, and show anxiogenic and anticonvulsant effects in vivo, varying with extraction method. Elsas, S.-M.; Rossi, D.J.; Raber, J.; White, G.; Seeley, C.-A.; Gregory, W.L.; Mohr, C.; Pfankuch, T Report Oct 1, 2010 6810
[beta]-Ecdysone has bone protective but no estrogenic effects in ovariectomized rats. Seidlova-Wuttke, Dana; Christel, David; Kapur, Priya; Nguyen, Ba Tiep; Jarry, Hubertus; Wuttke, Wolf Report Sep 1, 2010 4674
The Cimicifuga racemosa special extract BNO 1055 prevents hot flashes in ovariectomized rats. Kapur, Priya; Wuttke, Wolfgang; Seidlova-Wuttke, Dana Report Sep 1, 2010 4268
Thymol, a constituent of thyme essential oil, is a positive allosteric modulator of human GABA(a) receptors and a homo-oligomeric GABA receptor from Drosophila melanogaster. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 247
Study Finds New Connection between Yoga, Mood. Sep 1, 2010 255
Would Michael Jackson still be alive if he had smelled Jasmine? Sep 1, 2010 376
Yoga better than walking for driving away anxiety, depression. Aug 20, 2010 179
Memory's master switch found. Jul 30, 2010 411
Police kill two kidnappers, recover trader. Jul 22, 2010 411
How memory is disrupted in people with disease linked to learning disabilities. Jul 17, 2010 401
Valeriana officinalis root extracts have potent anxiolytic effects in laboratory rats. Murphy, K.; Kubin, Z.J.; Shepherd, J.N.; Ettinger, R.H. Report Jul 1, 2010 4229
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