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G8 summit violence 'harms our campaign'.

A WARWICKSHIRE charity worker at the G8 summit in Evian, France, has criticised protesters who fought with police on Sunday.

Owain James, 27, originally from Leamington, joined thousands of demonstrators to campaign for an end to world poverty.

He was among those who donned large fibreglass heads of world leaders as part of their protest.

But, speaking from Evian, the Warwick University graduate and former president of the National Union of Students said the "mindless few" who used violence as part of their protest had "undermined" the work of peaceful campaigners.

Owain, safely away from the violence, watched on French TV as police battled to control anti-globalisation protesters on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border as leaders of the world's top seven industrialised countries and Russia gathered for the first day of the summit.

Owain, who works for Oxfam and lives in London, said: "There is always trouble at events like this and I just hope that it does not detract from the serious issues being discussed."


CAMPAIGN: Protester Owain James (left), who was appalled by the violent clashes near the G8 summit, says peaceful tactics - such as wearing fibreglass heads of the French, German and US leaders (above) - is the only way to make a point without harming the cause
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 3, 2003
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